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Monday, February 24, 2014

When Will Our Military Step Up And Honor There Oath.To Protect Us And Our Constitution.

We have known for years now that obama isnt american.We new for years,obama had 1 thing in mind,To transform america,we new for years that his democratic base,will support him,no matter what,even if it ment to destroy america,The Democratic party,or the democratic communist party,whatever you think.eather way America is about to fall,into communist control.As americans we had the obligation to elect and instal politions that would fallow our constitution,yet here we are with a complete split in our country.yes were awake,but still not willing to rise up and remove the immanent threat we no is in control of our country. Yet americans just sit there.this is the worst president in history,this is a president who can stand in front of america and lie to the people of america,constently,and get away with it.why,why does real americans just sit there,are they the cowards obama said they were,,has this forked tonged president convinced all of america that there cowards.we no the democratic party is,but weres our patriots,weres the rest of america,Today our secretary of defence announced drastic cuts in our military,in a time were the world is in complete kaos,nations battleing each other,the muslum world hell bent on killing us.a time were russia/and/china has teamed up and haveing joint military exercises right under our nose.theres no dought in my mind there cutting our military now,we will be at a level we havent had sence ww2.why would he do this violent world you dont reduce your only means to defend,you improve it.theres no dought in my mind were being prepped to be over thrown.the america god blessed for all these years,is now in control of mohamad.the devil himself is in control.If our military allows obama to cut them ,as low as he plans,were in big trouble.Personally im in shock that the military hasnt already throw obama out.I pray its in the works,they took a oath to protect us and our constitution,its there duty to take down any goverment attempting to over throw the will of the people.its there duty to stop this renegade goverment.yes obama has ruined,or fired many of our top generals,theres no dought he expected a military uprising,thats why he got rid of any general who might fallow our constitution and over throw him.we are now at a point our military is our only hope of survival .will they honor the oath to us,well see.but it must happen soon.or america will soon be lead into the gates of hell.

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