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Saturday, March 8, 2014


America im beginning to feel like i no what went threw those brave americans standing at the walls of the alamo,looking out at the 1000s of santa Annas troops,im sure some said why are we here.we no were gonna die,I sure hope texas appreciates this,America they were patriots,they died loveing america,Today my friends were about to fight our own alamo.were now at that wall,looking out over 1000s of progresive demirates,wanting nothing more than to bring us down. at the alamo they new they couldnt win,but it was the reason why,they were there that keep um going.were at the wall america-our enommies are many,but unlike the alamo-we can win this.fight america-stand up and fight.americas worth every drop of blood dropped to defend her,and shes worth every drop of blood shed for her now.people died to get to this country,its worth dieing for still.Obama on his 1st year in office went on his now famous world apoligy tour,he discrased our country,he took it on himself to appoligise for us,appoligise im not are you,are you asshamed of america,im sure not,yet he keep running this great nation down,And the entire demicratic party fell at his feet.I was never so ashamed in my life.But we can change that.we can unite and show the world ,obama is on a free payed vacation,now 5 yrs worth,but soon its all over,america we need our founders here to lead us,no we cant have them ,but we do have something they left us,our constitution,rise up defend this great nation,i smell victory comeing america,go get it.

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