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Monday, January 2, 2012

America On The Verge Of Another Civil War(((-Death Tolls To Out Dew All Wars Combind.)))-Obama Playing The Race Card-To Stur-Up--The Bloodyest Revolution In History,Obama Will Sacrafice Black Americans In The Name Of Islam

Americans Have faught for years to main tain piece threw out the world,blood has been dropped all over the freedom loveing world by Americans to assure this piece.But the bloodiest battles ever fought in the name of freedom,was our own ,civil-war.the 1st and only time Americans fought each other in the name of piece.Threw out the years our piece and others world wide was threatens-and all threats were answered with devastation power of the American military-and American will to keep what god gave us.But today we face a new challenge to our freedom,a Threat created not by outsiders wishing us harm,but by our own government.Power and greed and money has corrupted the vary people we intrusted to do our business and fallow our constitutions.Today America finds itself governed by the vary enommie we now fight,Our politicians have chosen power over freedom,Today we find ourself being torn apart bt a enommie who couldn't beat-us on the battle field,so they changed tactics-and used our own constitution to empower them.Now the prophesy is complete,Muslim leaders have installed there sleeper-(barack hussane obama.)-who then braught in threw executive order,his other sleepers,put in place by alkada.and the Muslim brother hood..But the brother hood had a big problem,his name was ((osama bin ladin.))-because of 9/11-he had become to powerful-to control,So the brotherhood ordered Obama to take him out.gave obama his ware about,this was done for 2 reasons,1) to eliminate the 1 man who held to much power threw the Muslim world,and 2)-to give the American president enough to hopefully be hopes America look at him as a hero-while the brother-hood continued preparing for the war of all wars,((THE DEATH OF AMERICA,))-But there's still a big problem,America isn't Iran,or Egypt-America is armed to the teeth.this creates problems.So there's only 1 way to fix this problem.eliminate the guns.How do they do that,our constitution keeps government from taking them,what else is there,RACE WAR.Put white America against -black America.30 years ago might of worked,but most black Americans wasn't born yesterday,they see what Obama doing.but there's still a part of America who believes everything they there to lazy to work-or plum brain dead because of drugs.these lost soals are ripe for the pick-in.Here is were our problem is.OBAMA'S NEW CIVILIAN ARMY.A heavily armed drug dealer,crack head,brain dead Democratic who will do anything there master says.The killing fields are set.there leader-yes is Obama,but not directly,theyll be lead by American treasonous,who keep race alive in America for political gain ,and finastal gain ((jessie jackson))-(and al sharpton )2 of black Americas biggest traitors.these 2 will start the rederic-in the mean time to insure unrest-Obama will order his Muslim brothers to start killing Americans,this will start the war Obama is dearly think the 1st civil war was bloody,lol-look at these death tolls threw out history,and double think muskitts and cannons took a lot of lives,try the fire power out the common American holds in there gun cases now.will be a disaster America-here look at deaths to date defending freedom and if this dont wake you up,were doomed, 


L E said...

Until you learn how to spell and use punctuation, nobody is going to pay any attention to you except to laugh.

Anonymous said...

This was the funniest and dumbest thing I have read in a while. Are you eight?

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