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Thursday, March 24, 2011


America the land of the free,the home of the brave,What happened to us.How can freedom loveing people,go against each other,How can a country become so divided,that another civil war could be brewing,.Its not hard to figure started years ago,to be exact,since the day our constatution was see our founding fathers knew this could happen,they seen obamma,and people like him comeing.Thats why the 2nd ammendment was so importent,thats why our founding fathers,allowed malitias to form,yes the right to for a mailta is legal,our goverment cant stop it.if you want to get tectnical,Our national gaurd is a militia,yes a citizon army,formed to protect the people of there state,a malitia is there to be called apone,if our goverment should need them.But is also there to protect us from our own fedral goverment.oh ya the national gaurd of united states is there to protect us from our own goverment.why would this be in our constatution,its easy.Our founding fathers new a free country,is good,a country were people can live as they wish,free from any out side goverment,or our own goverments influences or take over,You see we have 2 types of  goverments, a (socailst goverment )were people cant think for themselfs,depend on goverment to take care of them,a goverment were 1 ruler can stay in power till he dies,no elections,no say from the people,nothing,otherwise called communisum.Then you have the (capitalist goverment,)our goverment,a goverment were the people call the shots,were you can live as you wish,you can be schooled,invest in a busness that if you work hard you can be rich and sucessful,a goverment were (we the people )vote on who takes care of everyday busness,in our country.(LIMITED GOVERMENT ) THIS IS WERE OUR NEW FOUND PROBLEMS BEGAN.Our goverment has got fat,there to big,there spending billions,and trillions,on running this new bloted goverment.The cost of running this over exstended goverment is brakeing us.If we dont stop it,We will fall pray to outside influences,like japan,china,russia,,ect.This is were our problems start.Obamma is a smart inteligent community organiser,useing these abuiltys he was able to convince a an intire party,(the demicrats )that he can get them back into power,Theres a reason why the people of this country,fired them,there irresponable spending habbits,trying to force there far left fews on a people that wernt interested,this is why they were thrown out,Then obamma comes along ,with his smooth talking abuility,and the fact he is black,The dems seen there chance,To regain power,so they ran with it,under the cover of (RACE )The dems went to work,if anything was said against obamma,they used the race card, knowing the republican right would back off,not wanting to be marked a raceist.Yes america the race card was used against us,the politicaly correct polition was born.60 years of equal rights,the long fight faught by black america was thrown out the window.race was used to force legislathion threw congress against the will of the people,and the cowards on the right,just sit there,and allowed obamma and his flock,to over run our constatution,makeing there own laws,and shreeding our founding fathers dream.We now find ourselfs at a cross road.the far left socailist movement,willing to hire the mafia and there un ion thugs,to do there dirty work,allowing terrist groups,like code pink,cult churches like westfild baptist,to openly protest american heros ,how discusting that a great country like ours can be distroyed by its own people.what happened,how did we get this far.easy exsplanation.we god to be taken out of our country.when god was banned from goverment building and schools,that is when we feel apart,the left used the cover of the freedom of religion act to form anti-goverment,anti-god groups,and gave them power to change laws by threating them with this sad were 1 person can complain about something,and a law is over turned or created to passafie that animal.this is whats wrong america,patriotic america has been divided/rather cleverly i might weve reached a cross road,the evil of the new demicratic party,trators who hate this country./and the so called patriotic right,a branch of goverment who dont have the balls,to defend us,against these tyrents on the left.and whos caught in the middle,us.the real american.dont get me wrong america,i dont blam the left or the right for this discracefull goverment we have,no i dont.(I BLAME YOU.)THE AMERICAN allowed this to happen,you could of stopped this hostile take over,you caused us to come to this cross road,they were elected by feel for there bull-shit,there lies,you felt your votes didnt matter,you didnt know who you were voteing for because you were out of touch with what was going on around fallowed party lines because you felt you had to.because of this were about to go back to a war,were we have to kill each other again,to get back what our founding fathers gave us,to get back what millions have died for defending ,(our freedom )goverment is out of control,and the people are out of touch with itself.were divided/and while were divided,worried about what to do,obamma has allowed millions of islamic terrists to come into this country,wanting to force us into sharea law.know if we aint got enough problems,we have to fear these animals,know america this war will begine soon,probly this summer,radical terrists will get the word to attact and kill us ,americans will be beheaded and murderd by the 1000s.throwing this country into panic,(this is obammas plan by the way)hes counting on you to beg him to save you.this is why he invited his islamic brothers into this start this american slaughter of inocent women and children,obams dark secreate by the way,thats why his birth citificate has never been revealed,hes a muslum.Know as islamic terrists are killing us ,and we are no dought killing them,Obama issues (marshal law)-for our protection-on that day.america dies,as soon as marshal law is inacted,obamma and the demicratic left wins,(THE NEW UNITED SOCAILIST STATES OF AMERICA )Is born,you see america,there wont be a 2012 election,think about it,theres a reason why obamma is running wild with no fear,He knows,the dems now,its all been carefully planned out.So america injoy your last few months of a free loveing country,it will soon be gone.AND YOU DID IT.this will be when the new,much more bloodyer civil war begins,this is why civil war is intamit.Obamma went on a world wide appoligy tour,telling the world your cowards,that were no longer a christain nation,imbolding our enommies,From day 1 obamma set out to distroy this nation,and hes about to suceed,why,because im begging to believe hes right,you are cowards,you wont defend yourself,you depend on goverment to make your dissions,im sad that our country has come to this,i say war is intament because up to now ive only seen the left out there running there socailist faces,threating our people and congressman who are trying to save us.weres the right,were is walkers defence,were the people defending him,hes only doing what we ask him to do.WAKE UP PEOPLE,your months from war.i say this because theres millions of americans out there willing to fight and die for this country,well armed american patriots,willing to fight for your lazy asses.if you dont rise up now,hit the streets fight piecfully for your coun try,while you still have the chance.or else,war is the only alternitive,you diside,obamma must be braught down in the next few months,our borders must be closed,our troops must be braught home soon,if this dont happen vary soon,blood will flow in our streets.DISIDE NOW AMERICA,ITS YOUR FUTURE AT STAKE AND YOUR GRANDCHILDRENS FUTURE,DISIDE NOW.

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