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Thursday, March 24, 2011


The united states of america has been a country,feared by our enommies,and loved by most,World-wide for decades.I a country needed help,the united states was there,If nature lashed out,distroyed cities,killed people,the 1st there ,is always america,People have died by the 1000s ,just trying to reach our shores,they chanced the trip in little boats,knowing the danger,but they took the chance,knowing,if they made it,life would change for the better.We are a country,were you can work hard,and become all you can the good life.America has always stood for good in the world.When-or-What did we do,that warrented , A us presadent to go on a world tour appoligiseing for all the bad things we did to people,lol Are you kidding me                                                  Every since obammas been sworn in as our presadent,he has bowed to kings,kissed there hands,appoligised to countrys that sponceres terrisum ,hes had dinner with our sworn ennomises,Obamma has appoligised to every country were we interviened,to protect there people from these mad mens brutal slaughter of there people.Im sorry,i cant find 1 thing my country ever did that warrented an appoligy.yes there is 1 thing we did im dreadfully ashamed of.We elected  this idiot.Probly the single biggest mistake we have ever made.But it is a mistake we can repair.And i assure  you we will.Obammas has been a imbarresment to our country world wide.Hes had close door meetings with our sworn enommies,With the help of his illegally appointed zars,hes minipulated our laws,and constatution,to the point,were This administration thinks they can make there own laws as they go along,In the eyes of this presadent,our constatution is worthless,a piece of paper ,sighned by (OLD DEAD WHITE MEN,)Well mr obamma,why is it you think our constatution is out dated,the only time you like it,is when benifits you.Well you cant have it both ways,because of our constatution,you were allowed to become presadent,.And this same constatution will jail you.I can see why your trying so hard to push your new socailist goverment,socailisum is your only hope of getting a (get out of jail card ).Trust me (your going to jail )and your friends will go with you,polosie,reid,eric holder,anf 75%,of the demicratic party.So ya better start building yourself a new prison,Because you will go me.What i cant understand,is the republican party,why havent they stood up and started impeachment hearing yet ,ill never no.its there sworn duty to force you to lead by constatutional athority,Not socailist athority,Youve been a renegade,every since you were sworn in           (We the people )-have had enough of you and reid and polosie,You will dreed the day you and the demicratic party scheemed,to over through our goverment,and distroy,our way of life.And the republican party,as our elected representives,you have failed the people who sent you there last november.We sent you there under the athority of the people of the united states,you had your job to do,and up to now,except for a few teapartyers,you have failed.Our country is falling appart ,at the hands of the demicratics,specail interest groups,unions,your excepting money from countrys your not sappose to,your in bed with our enommies,you stopped oil drilling here,and gave our money to other countrys to drill.Obamma your a trator to this country,i think your a islamic terrist,i dont believe your an american,you cant even produce a birth record to prove it,you refused to close our borders,you invited our sworn enommies to come in and set up training camps,under the protection of the freedom of religion act,by the way this is the only constatution law you like,your allowing 34known terrist training camps to openly operate under this law.Mr obamma,youve split this country threw the middle,weve never been this divided before.You some how convinced millions of americans that socailist rule is better for them,you targeted our poor people,you promised the lazy,drug addected,welfare people in this country,that you will take care of them,lol-of course theyll lission,if they wanted to work,they would have.there the lazy part of this country,they have no visions of prosperaty,because they choose drugs sex and rockinrole,over working and careing for there familys.your told these retarded idiots on the left you would take from the hard working american ,and give it to them,lmao-thats proff right there ,that there not vary educated.weres there money mr robin hood.there still waiting,although i will support you on 1 thing,you did create jobs in the private sector,drugs up 500%,meth labs are boomming,plenty of jobs there,1000s of new 12-to 15 year old dealers now on the you did create some new jobs.Some how,you will be braught down mr obamma,your a tresonist,islamic radical,who some how lied your way into power.As long as i breath life,i will be on your ass till your jailed,and i hope exicuted,your a discrace to this wanderful country,and you will pay the price.and this demicratic party you rule,will go with you.Our founding fathers seen you comeing.Somehow i will unite this country again,befor 2012 elections,because i no you have no intentions of allowing this election to happen,we will be under marshal law before will be removed before then trust me.Were onto you.all we have to do is try to show a few demicrats were there wrong supporting you.(all i got left to say is this)-IF-( THE REPUBLICAN RIGHT DONT IMPEACH YOU BEFORE NEXT YEAR,THERE FINISHED TO )

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