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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Has Americans Given Up On America-Or Do They Have It In Them-To Take It Back ??-We Will Soon See

( WE THE PEOPLE )-OF THIS GREAT NATION HAS BEEN GUT SHOT--by our own goverment.Fraud has become the new norm,-its running -rapid in all levels.The country that was once the most powerful nation in the world,has declined,no longer the hope of the earth.And the people of this great nation-still doesnt get it.According to our constitution,this countrys ours-not these corrupt politions.According to the constitution,these crooks work for us,Has americans become so use to freedom,that they forgot how we got it,because of the blood of our military heros-they assured our freedom,but yet theres a elimint in our multi-cultural country that condemns them,hates them.America after this past election i felt like i was gut shot,I cryed,U couldnt understand how this could happen.Then it hit me.a divided country fails every time-We have never been this divided since the (civil-war )-we were given a republic to die for,we were given a country -a way of life people from around the world died trying to get here.And by the end of obamas final term-it will be gone.America are we worthy of this country,was ben franklin on to something when he said-(well give you a republic -but can you keep it.)america-the constitution-was created with this president in mind-the constaytion was desighned with these politions in mind.are we to just sit back and allow these crooks to distroy whats left-or are we gonna stand up.the power is in your hands,your fucture is still in your hands,obama can be stopped.impeached,thrown out at any-time by the people.not only obama-any polition in office can be removed by the people at any time,you must grasp this power fast-youll not like the end game-if ya dont stand up for freedom-America dont just sit there -rise-your nation needs you,your children need you,our god needs you.

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