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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Has Americans Given up On Freedom,And Excepted Obamas New Vision

In 1776 our founding fathers had a dream,That if they created a country,with a constitution,the people of this country would defend and live by its laws created by our founders.Like MLK Our founders had a dream.Well this dream is now in danger of completely being distroyed.When our founders created this document,they assumed the american people really injoyed being able to choose how to live,to be able to live and eat what they wanted.Americans were a proud people willing to offer this way of life to anyone who wanted the same.they even donated the blood of free americans to assure this way of life,yet today,americans choose to do nothing,americans choose to set back let there lieing,politions run hot shot over there way of life.greed,and the power of money,has taken a nation,and demolished it.natural law-( GODS LAW )-has be spit on,stepped on,In fact american Christians has allowed god to be crucified again.Does any ever read there history,The world has been threw this once again.yet nobody seems to care.                                     The constitution was writen to prevent the over throw of corrupt politicians,yet the common american is so out of touch with there politions,there clueless to the laws being broken by these corrupt animals.We have a president who dont even qualifie to be a president running over the country and its constitution like its nothing.Obama has been proven beyond a dought to be a illegal,yet nobody in congress says nothing,Americans just complain,but yet refuse to stand up.This president is no dought tied to many terrorist organisations,yet americans,politicians say nothing.Why,Why does americans choose to just sit there.We no why demicrates choose to fallow this man,he assures them total power over the people of america,he represents and assures this party power,wealth,and control.something the demicrates havent had since JFK..yet americans do nothing.                                                                                                       This countrys only 1 disaster away from marshal law being orderd and never getting rid of this muslim running there lives.I see america in total anarky in a few months,I see death everywhere,i see americans killing americans,,terrists killing americans,mexicans killing americans.the world killing americans.And i see this happening by next summer.I see marshal law being orderd in the near future,Im afraid America wont wake up in time.If were to save ourselfs,we must act now,The trial in florida could be just what obamas hopeing for.mass pickiting,killings,riots.America be carefull.I see no support for zimmerman,yet i see all the bad elimates supporting travon. theres more at stake here than freedom -and acquittal for zimmerman,our   right to self defence is at stake here. obama has inseted himself into this trial for just that reason,god help us we have 6 women sitting makeing the dission on not just weather zimmerman walks or goes to jail,but these women are setting in a position they can up-hold or destroy our constitution,by 1 did this happen america,have you lived free to long,have you forgotten the cost of freedom.god i hope not,if your not sure go visit the vietnam wall,a va hospital,google american war deaths,america its in your hand,if you rise,yes you might be jailed,you might be shot,,worse yet killed.this president has proven killing americans is nothing to him,killing more wont hurt him,his hatred of america over powers all.america is and will be at war with the world untill you rise up and defend yourselfs,nobody has to die,if youll act now,we have time to save ourselfs if americans act now.i cant assure you theyll be no deaths,because nobody nows what obama will do next.he nows jail is in his future if he looses power,put yourself in his shoes,what would you do. The common everyday demicratic voter,dont hate them,its not there fault they believe there leaders,theyve been programmed for years to fallow the party.its so sad they cant think for themselfs,but live has created these people,its the illegals your president-your politions who caused this,us the constitution america.while we still have those rights.America defend your right and way of life,demand the impeachment of this president and force your politions to lission.this is the best most effective way to stop this steam rolling party.a complete house cleaning of the peoples house is in order,begin now america.

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