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Monday, July 15, 2013

-Americans Are There Own Worse Enommie-Unless Americans Wake Up.This Countrys Doomed.

For years Politicians have lied,got richer,And americans got poorer,lazier,Most americans went threw life for generation,minding there own business,liveing any way they choose.As politions were able to sit back and watch there bank accounts grow.Americans became lazy.and when they voted they voted on a candidate there party supported,both sides are guilty of this.Our politions new for years that all they had 2 do to pass a law was target a class of people in america that this law might benifit,knowing that anybody collecting a free ride threw life would never vote to take that privilege away.Barrack obama new this,But obama isnt the culprit here,Hes only a tool-a puppit,his strings are being pulled by the democratic party,and the republican party.Old school lifer politions are makeing these laws and passing them.America has been over thrown by rich-greedy politions with a agenda.power over ( we the people ).Our standing in the world is no longer a nation to fear,but a nation of cowards.A nation that is weaker than many we over powerd in war.This is a recipe for disaster.Demicrates have faught and won,allowing illegals to cross into america threw our borders,,Why ???-votes.Again both sides are guilty of this.Today our country is at greater risk off a terrist attact than ever.And homeland security,is lieing threw there teeth,yes a terrist is haveing a hard time useing planes as a method,,but planes was a temp tool to kill us-Soft targets are there main goals.What i mean by this is the humon body,malls,gas station,stores,homes,Were at our weaks there,just the other day 17 illegals were apprehended crossing into ar-from mexico.12 were from iran,and saudi,rest mexico,mexicans were deported,the Muslims were released.why ??=America is so tuned to the tv-and the rederic being feed to them by left wing media,there not even paying attention to what the goverment is really doing.with millions of muslims already here ,the stage is set,Our politions are so mind bent on power,there makeing dissions critical to our security,not reliseing that what good is there power,without a free country to use it in.Soon americans will begin being murderd in the name of Allah.and our politicians will be defenseless to help us.Obama has put terrists in his cabnet,in vital places in our intel world,they own stores,gas stations busnesses,all -cover for the real reason there here,Im convinced were already being killed,we just dont no it ,threw poising our water and food supply.may already be to late,yet americans still do nothing.The damage already done cant be stopped over night,but we can atleast stop the bleeding,yet americans choose to just sit there.We are our own worse chooseing to do nothing,by allowing goverment officails to munipulate us threw tv-and were focused on the zimmerman verdict,our goverment is adding to the fire,paying scum-bags like al sharptin and jessie jackson to incite riots-unreast in america,this is so sad that americans cant see whats really going on.obama needs a reason to issue marshal law to save his own ass.a race war is a good start.And it looks like americans,black and white,are willing to be lead straight threw the gates of hell.why ,are they retarded,ignorant,are they only un educated people out there rioting,who nows,all i no if we the people dont wake up and counter these riots,start there own movement,america will soon become a killing field.((the 2nd  Armed revolution is comeing.))-america choose war over peace,americans choose to be stupid instead of smart,americans choose to do nothing,Americans are there own worse enommies.

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