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Friday, August 30, 2013

America Has Been Betrayed By Our Own Goverment.The Leader Of The Brother-Hood,Also The Leader Of The Free World.

Japans top generals new that booming the american naval base in pearl harbor would be the beginning of the end,that by doing this they would wake the sleeping giant.history tells this was the case.Americans rose to the challenge.and defeated the imperialist government of japan.We defeated hitlar,We defeated all who challenged us.But today america is at its lowest point in history.Today Americans sleep while a new force of evil,is raining terror accross our country and world.Today america finds out that the evil they feared most is the evil about to over throw the vary country so many died for.Today proff came out of the middle east obamas brother is the brother hoods finasail keeper,obamas brother is the banker for the brother hood.all funding comeing from the american governments america obama is your leader and the leader of the muslum brother hood.yet you say nothing.and the Egyptian army not only has proff, that Obama is a trator to us,but that american news media   CNN  tv stations are in on the cover up.they are the muslum brother hood.but we always new this ,dont take a brain surgan to figure cnn out,think it started with cnn back in the 1st golf war,everyone scratched there heads wandering,how did cnn get into bagdad and get these interviews,how did cnn get exclusive access to sadam.???.america we all now alex jones,our goverment paints him as a lier and exstreamist,but then again our goverment accuses our own soldiers comeing home from war terrorists to.if there diognosed with  PTSD  There stripped of there rights to bare armes and added to the terrorist watch lists,we no this to be fact.yet still nobody stands up-or says a thing,.America must have over dosed on sleeping pills,cause the sleeping giant still has woken.were are now weeks from marshal law,weeks from fema camps.and weeks from out and out war.yet the left and right still are split,the left still thinks obamas lagit,and the blacks think obamas a blackman.after all the undisputed proff who obama really is,america continues to sleep.our military continues to fallow obamas orders,and our politicians are blinded to who there really supporting.America has choosen to do nothing,the sleeping giant still sleeps.and america is about to fall.wake up now my fello americans if this vidio dont change your mind nothing will.sleep tight america,your nightmares are about to get bad.really,really bad.

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