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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


WHAT IS HOSP ???? Hosp is disighned to not just provide shelter for our vets,but to get them off the streets forever.How are we gonna do this,ill explain,Hosp is designed to take in homeless veterans,men and women.medically evaluate them,then we determine,if they can be rehabilitated by our center.what i mean is,hosp will house our vets,train them into other job fields,they are able to work in.were working with company's and potential employers to train a veteran for a position in there if you own a business,and its hard to hire and retrain new can call us tell us what you are needing,we will train a veteran to do just what your looking for,in return,they hire them,we call this program,( hire a veteran )-we also work with ptsd vets,we have drs willing to work and councle these men and with there problems,see most people have the wrong idea about ptsd,some think there dangerest,crazy,naaa there not,there in a emotional crises,and is haveing a hard time dealing with it,the problem is most vets wont seek help ,in fear our goverment will lable them cray-and strip them of rights.and trust me they have a good reason to fear this,because thats exsacully what this goverment hosp they have someone they can go to .without fear of the goverment labeling them terrists.of course if someone comes in in bad shape and is a threat to themselfs or others,we will take them to were they can be cared for.ya see our goverment trained them to kill,when there done with them ,there put out of the military,with the program -of kill in there heads.this is wrong,were hopeing we can help these heros.they only did what they were told to do.there not terrorists,they deserve our support,so ya can see hosp is more like a in house tec school,instead of a shelter.our new location will give us room to house 50 homeless vets,our school will be self run,and we hope we can raise enough money to help asmany as we can.and with the public support,we will.were also currently negotiating a building in evansville in to house vets no matter what age,some are to old,cant work,this will be a shelter,only.all vets will be assigned a councler,and a worker who will look for va benifits that could be aval.and also uniteing them with familie.if theres any other questions,plz contact me.   At hosp a a homeless veteran ,man or women,helped ,there situation is looked into ,and helped accordingly.most shelters feed and temp house a homeless,at hosp ,they believe in fixing the problem,not putting a bandage on the problem,temp houseing only prolongs there reason for being homeless.hosp will fix this problem,so when they walk out of hosp,there no longer alone.hosp reseves no goverment funding,they depend strickly on private love and donations.this shelter will spread across the nation. 

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