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Friday, October 26, 2012

Its Time For Obama To Step-Down,Its Time For Americans To Take Back There Country-Obama Has Killed Americans,Inorder to Assure his Re-election -This Is Water Gate On Steriods.

Never in our history has america ever been at a lower point,Never in Our history has america ever been this divided.Im sure our founding fathers are asking themselfs ( WTF ARE THEY DOING. )-America have you gave up on this country,have you forgotten the bloos lost giveing you this wonderful way of life we have.have you forgot the constitution was wrote to protect you,not our goverment.They no this,thats why its being amended slowly,quitly,behind close doors,so we the people  wont catch on.Today heart brakeing news came out,if it wasnt bad enough we lost 4 americans in libia,it comes out today,they begged for help,they begged washington to save them,they were denied.They were refused help.even though we had specail forces in area,we had delta force on stand by-all were told to stand down,?? these americans were sacrsficed in order to protect our presidents re-election chances.Americas been lied to ny there president,americans are being sacraficed in order obama looks good in the eyes of his constituents.What has happened to this country,what happened to the people of this country,Nixion was forced by the people to step down from the presidency because he lied about water gate.nobody died in water gate,This president lied to us and the world about libia,looked us in the eyes and lied to us.and the result was 4 dead americans.Were is the outrage america-your commander and leader of the free world,the man you trusted-looked you in the eye-and lied to you.what are you gonna do about it.he is 3 weeks from being re-elected,god help us all if he is.with no reason to worrie about re-election amagine the damage him and his demicratic fallowers can do to this country.wake up-stop him,stop him,plz stop him,beforw he finishes off this country.freedom loveing americans still out number the left wing treasonists-the demicrates do not have the power-if we stand up.unite as one.this election stands between us and freedom.let this be clear to all,the back door laws created by the president,and hillary clinton,and the united nations,-will start going into effect asap.wake up-before its to late,think about it-why has obama ask the UN To monater our free elections, WHY, America is finished if obama wins in 3 weeks,stop him-stop the dems,stop not only national demicrates stop your local demicrates in your home town,the demicrate are attempting to take control of this country,and there useing lower class -americans-americans in need,there driveing our country into a deeper resession,costing jobs,forceing americans onto welfare-food stamps,this od wrong.stop them.47% of americans are now on some kind of goverment help.this has always been the demicrates goal.if half of america depends on goverment to live-there more appt to vote for them,and most will,why would they vote for a man who will create jobs-and make them go 2 work-if they can vote for a man who will give them free money,?? there to stuppid to relise once he gets total control they loose 2-the money stops-distrabution of wealth id just that just enough money is distributed to servive,thats it,theywill all have to work for the goverment to reseve these benifits-lol-they will work many hours for dame contract labor,so sad nobody sees this,well america there it is.up 2 you now.stop obama-stop the demicrates,exspecailly in your home town.stop them ,get out there exsplain to people the impotence of un-seating there local demicrates,city state and local-Democrats are needed to help enforce socialist laws,remember that.

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