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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Paul Campain-Being Funded By Demicratic Party-Threw Wall Street Protesters,Poseing As Paul Supporters,And Beck Sapports Him, Does glenn Now Something We Dont, Or is He Shacking Up Things For Somebody Elses Entrence ???

When ron paul 1st started running for americas top job,he had good ideas,But as the years went by,and his dum ideas on his stants on isreal,and his views on america around the world,he sounds more like barak obama,rhan the older ron paul.Were did the ron paul go so many respected.his idiolist views now days sound more like a barak obama-or-hillary clinton.This new world order thing looks more to his likeing.constational minded ,yes ,I think.i hope.What i cant understand is his new views toward wall streeters.Im begging to think hes like obama-no to much like obama,obama did anything he could to get elected,lied to the lower class americans promiseing them money for all-down with big goverment,big banks,big wall street c.e.os.but in the shadows,obama plays gulf,caters to them to get there donations,funalls the american tax payers money back to them in the form of bail outs-sweet goverment contracts.our president campained against lobbyests-but yet hes the biggest lobbyer out there-what do you call a person who takes ceo to dinner or the golf course,asks them for money in the form of donations,then repays them with nice goverment contracts and bail plane as the noses on your faces-but nobody does ot says a thing-not even the republicans,last month RON PAUL-is seen at wallstreet protest caterung to them,agreeing with them-i no how you feel people-thats what i been yelling for years-kinda like obamas world appoligy this PAUL has eather lost his mind-or disided he was gonna win the top job no matter what he had to do.has ron paul sold out the the devil-for power-or is he working for the devil-you no the 1 acting as our president.Today i found out beyond a dought,the demicrates are behind his rise in the poles,-the demicrates are funniling tax payer money to his campain threw wall street supporters acting as ron pail supporters.funalling over 9 mil-dollars in the past week ot 2.why would dems do this-i think you no why.ron paul against obama- no match,but the biggest reason it is splitting up the republican party,drawing out his son-rand paul to stump for no this wont go over vary well with teapartyers-united we stand-divided we will fall.dems no this to-this week in iowa paul compared the wall street proteseters to the teaparty of all thing.  its looking more and more like ron paul is useing some of obamas sneeky tricks-almost like the demicrates are running his campain.Is there any real true americans out there,is there 1 person out there who will stay true to there values-just 1 america-show me 1-i no one but shes been so beat up by the comminist left wing media-i could blame her for not running-20 yrs ago-sure-americans still had values-voters still believed in liberty-and justas for all.not today-.most americans have been lead to believe goverment can and should care for them,nobody believes in real values of a hard days work for a fare wage-they want it free,And now ron paul has jumped on the socailist band wagon,and god help is it sounds like glenn beck has joined him-im not judgeing beck yet,im giveing him a chance to exsplane his support for paul.ive trusted him this far-ill give him a chance.  I dont no america,beck supports him,maby hes right,maby he knows some thing we dont.maby sarahs gonna get back in and hes brakeing ground for her entrence.i dint no america,but i do no ron paul is getting money from demicrates,,hell i dont no maby were all being played.but 1 things for sure-whoever the republican party nomonee is-im voteing for least were awake-we can see what there doing,and under the constaution-we will stop them,all i no is americas divided bad-you have gods people on the right-the devil rules the left.we could put it in gods hands,but id rather help him about you america.lission vary close what dr peal says in this statement

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