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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allan Colmes Of Fox News Shows His True Left Wing Idiot Views.Outraged Over colmes Discusting Outburst Demands His Fireing.

Personally ive never liked allan colmes,why Fox Ever hired him is beyond me.But his left wing views does give fox that fare and balanced objection ,but theres a limit and he just reached it.mocking the death of santorums infent son has just gone to far,and i hope even the left agrees this was over the top,No appoligys in the world could possably be enough to the santorums.Is this really the values the demicrates hold dear.if so  no wander this countrys in the trouble were in,God help us If we dont get god back and all the values that come with him.But  remarks like that of allan colmes is exsacully why were in the troublethis nation is in.when god and his values ran this country life was good,as soon as goverment got to big,as soon as goverment enterd our homes and schools,life in america went to hell.when goverment stepped into out schools,our kids went of the deep end.This is goverment out of control.America allan colmes is only 1 demicrate,1 idiot who lost his own morel values,theres many more.whinner-o mean anthony weiner,the sick puppy took pics of his weiner posted it on face book,anither demicrate with no morels,forget hes married to the daughter of a mislim terrist who heads up the muslim brother hood-infact her mother and brother are all in the brother hood,lets not forget the idiot who ran fanny and freedy,forget the money he stole-forget the fact he banged his pages in the white house got busted-dems covered it up,lets not fotget,1 yr later his home was raided and he was charged with running a male escort service from his apartment.charges were dropped because he threatend to exspose the politions on capital-hill who paid him for male companionship.another sick demicrate,we got the kennadys,clinton,we cany forget the proff on the blue dress can we.or the others in ar.america this demicratic party and most of there voters and supporters-are sick people.but most of all the president takes the cake.hes illegal,hes a muslim-he was busted for male prostatution in the 70s,he was being watched by dea for drug-running,in the 70s,people around him from his past who threatoned to exspose him ended up dead,what more does america need,hes a bad man,why does he still set in washington instead og jail-why.why do americans still support him,WHY.fags allowed to marry,gays in the army,funny freeks parading in underware,god help us when he does return,will it be  dec 21st,2012-maby.but soon he will be here,and people like allan colmes,barrack obama,weiner,clinton,kenadys-polosie reaid,god will deal with them,but for now we can fix as much as we can.starting with allan colmes-he is finished-fox fire him now,America wake up.get god back in control-get rid of the atheists ruining this nation,they dont believe in god fine,keep it to there self,god will deal with them.people like them are nothing but the devils angles-theres  reason why god condemed him,trust his reasoning-keep those people condemed.wake up america better wake up fast. 

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