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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In todays world americans are divided ,split between freedom,and security,they cant diside what they want worse.ben franklin once said ( a man who is willing to trade a little freedom,for a little security,deserves nether.) Yet the struggle continues,We have a renegade goverment,shreading our constatution,walking over americans rights as if we have none.This video is just one instance of goverment going rouge.KellyThomas, a mentally disabled homeless man, was beaten, tasered, suffocated and pistol whipped as he lay on a street corner being sat on by no less than six police officers during an incident in July 2011.
In what is undoubtedly one of if not the most disturbing police brutality videos ever, Thomas can be heard pleading for his father, moaning, “Daddy, daddy, they are killing me,” as officers prolong the assault.
According to the jury in the case, who found officer Manuel Ramos and officer Jay Cicinelli not guilty on all charges of murder and manslaughter, Thomas just coincidentally chose to die of an undiagnosed heart condition in hospital five days after the beating having never regained consciousness.
Police claimed that the brutal pummeling they inflicted on Thomas, illustrated by shocking photos of his bloodied and swollen body, was a justified response to his pathetic attempts to resist being murdered. 20 years ago this woulda never happened.But were not liveing in good times anymore,were liveing in a post roman times,were the goverment will do anything to maintain power and control over its people,were cold blooded murder by the goverment police is a norm,excepted as collateral damage,Kelly did nothing wrong,his only crime was not being employed,his crime was being homeless.and these cops murderd him,but the sad thing is weres the up roar,weres the out cry,were is kellys day in court.he was deprived of it.why because he was a nobody,just a scar on the streets,a homeless man,Was this a reason to kill him,was this a reason to just beat him till he was dead.because he was homeless,well the mentality of the new left wing movement,democrats,and the progressive movement ,think so.because they found the cops not guilty,all charges dropped.America as we no it is finished,what you see going on on the left coast will be the new norm,if you dont rise up soon and stop them. This senseless murder of a homeless man is just the beginning.the left lives in a world of corruption,sex,drugs,and power-and this way of life will spread accross america if there not stopped,wake up america,this year will be the test of all tests,if you dont make the right dissions this time,like the roman empire fell,so will america. 

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