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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Has Hitler Returned From The Dead,Obama Is Useing Hitlers Play Book,And Americans Are Still In There Knees,Is America The New Germany

After watching the Zimmerman bond hearing,In convinced ,,Zimmerman is in jail because of pressure from outside sources,Zimmerman's att forced the detective whos statement was used to bring 2nd deg murder charges against Zimmerman was all done without a shred of evidence.this detective lied to have him arrested and charged ,and was forced to admit it.on the the big question is,what does the judge do about it.the legal thing would be to drop all charges against Zimmerman and relese way under our constitutions can this man be found guilty now of anything,but our constitution has been shredded by this white what now.drop charges release him,jackson,and sharpton and the new pink panthers will yell racism,and the riots begin.or they illegally keep him in jail,and find him guilty,to prevent a race war.???????,now whats obama been gunning for all this time,,,a race war,,Zimmerman will be me,obamas war will soon its up to the fbi-cia-and secrete service to do there job,the oath they took,to protect and defend the constitution tells them 2.what will they do.what will the military do-they took the same they kill us,,or jail any threats that face this pretty open shut-obama and holder is behind its up to the people sworn to protect our constitution and us.what will they do.We seen what happened when hitler used the people of germanys emotions,He told lie after lie untill it stuck,whrn the people finally had enough,they rioted,marshal law was issued,and history tells the rest.If America dont wake up soon,If the left wing voters under the communist spell of the left wing demarcates,dont wake up,there gonna be caught in the middle,and they will pay the price for what obama and his consperiters,have done.we now now,over 60 comminist party members has lied there way into power.whu would they do this ,think long and hard america,67 communist party members are now in power in congress,,obama in the lead,you tell me,whats going on,it dont take a brain dr to figure this out.we are already under communist rule,the question is when will Americans see it,and when will they act.act now while we still have our constitution to rely on.or wait till the election,when it will be 2 late.america needs to relise,its easyer to keep our freedom,than it is to fight to get it back.whats happening in greece,right now,will happen in america vary soon.this is directly out of Hitlers play book,will america stop obama before he does anymore damage,or will they continue to use a constitutions,that the communist party dont believe is legal,our constitution has been shredded,were next.

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