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Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Time Senator John Kerry Betrayed America Once Before.,,Look Beside Him,You Tell Me.Have We Been Betrayed Again,Are We Just A few Weeks Away From Marshal Law.Ill Bet We Are.Heres Proff

People I want you to lesson real close.take a long hard look at this traitor in this picture,,thats senator kerry-a 10 term democratic senator,this treasonous bastard denigrated our Vietnam vets,while he was in the military,and after he got out he sided with americas biggest traitor jane fonda,the same bitch who caused many deaths to pows in john mc cain can even serve with this piece of shit is beyond me,but he does.and we had a Democrat who was a draft doger become president.we have several senators and congressman are ether draft dodger ,or members of the communist party.,,not 1 single trator or draft dodger has ever been elected in the republican party,and dont give me this bush crap ill stop and respond before you say it ,,he served in the air national guard,he coulda run like clinton,but he back to this piece of shit democrat,kerry is a traitor just as much as this bitch hes standing next can a democrat even open there mouth,there party is the biggest bunch of cowards in american history.and if i were a democrat,id be changing my political views to a republican or independent,opps i forgot o did that already,Democrat all my life ,but u seen my party go to shit,i just hope others do 2.demarcates have no right to knock ted nuggent -or sanatorium,newt,or rommine.look at who they have put in power.its time we unit and clean house in Washington,stop dogging real american patriots and stop the shredding of our American constitution,and get rid of these socialist communist scum-bags running our country.If we dont.America will die.People i dont no what more I can say.we have big problems.geesh,anybody with anu common sence nows obamas not gonna allow a election to happen he cant win,the day he looses americans will insist he be jailed,and about 27 other senators and cabnet members,.wake up .obama has but 1 chance to retain power.just like hitler ,,he must create anarky in this country,it started in florida,hell anybody with any sence noes zimmermans inocent,those charges are trumped up.hell we heard the detective admit on the stand,he had no proff to back up the charge,zimmerman is a pawn in a much bigger sinister plot.because of obamas big mouth ,offering his thoughts.holder his,and the to biggest raceist of all jessie jackson ,and al sharpton.yelling race,race,race,zimmerman was we no zimmerman cant posable be found guilty,so whys he in jail then,ull tell you why,so he can be relesed,later when tensions are high,like maby the riots obama supporters in chicago have planned.for next months chicago summits,while riots are going on in chicago,florida demicratic prosecutors,will announce all charges against zimmerman will be dropped.causeing no dought,riots in florida,thus giveing obama a good reason to declare marshal ,set.match.america dies that day.freedom dies that day.America your clueless to how close we really are to looseing everything.wake up must insist these coward who clame to be republicans,impeach obama right now.they no,,trust me they now whats going on,make them show there true faces,make them impeach obama,cant wait,we could only be a few weeks from being to late,impeach this man now.

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