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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The American People Gave Up On Freedom America Choose,fags over Traditional marrage-The Republican Party Just Handed Obama His 2nd Term.Romminee Cant Beat Obama,They New It

F-Me We the people f-d-up Again.America what has to happen to you before you wake up and smell the mountain dew.Our last hope for a conservative president just dropped out,you allowed once again the republican establishment to dictate who was gonna be our nominee,Once again you allowed Obama and the communist party to dictate your thoughts and emotions.You have all but reelected the anti-christ.Was you afraid the demicrates wouldnt give you your free welfare check,was you afraid you might have to get a job,Was you afraid if a republican won you might have to buy a gun and defend freedom was you afraid off.America do you relise what you have done.theres a reason romminee was backed by the establishment,the republicans establishment is nothing more than Communist left wing infiltrators posing as demicrates,Again you have failed your country,your children,your choose socialism over freedom,you choose dictator-ship over a freely elected goverment.You choose faggit marrages over gods law,Today starts a new begging,the new world order.Today America looses her life.Today we became THE UNITED SOCAILIST STATES OF AMERICA.oUR ONLY HOPE NOW IS THAT EVERY DEMICRATE AND ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN PUTS A GUN IN THERE MOUTH AND PULLS THE TRIGGER,BUT WE NO THAT WONT HAPPEN,BECAUSE THEY DONT BELIEVE IN GUNS.

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