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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will Indiana Finally Get It Right,And Send A True Conservitive-( KRISTY RISK), To Congress,.Has Indianans Finally Had Enough Of Old-school politics,,It Looks Like They Have

Indiana got there govenor Right,But really messed up with buschon,,This Arragent polition thinks he can just walk threw hoosers like there scum beneath him.Evan though kristy almost beat him last election,he never wavered.hes still a man of power,rich friends,completely out of touch with main stream Indianans, Well this year,he has proven yet again,he thinks hes the 1,the choosen 1,,He went as far as to completely over looked kristy at the gop dinner,he got up spoke for about 4-5-min,well i might say lied for a few min,never even mentioning kristys presents,she was not even allowed to speek.Well indiana you can see now buschon is nothing but a member of the good ole boys,network,Buschon is bad for indiana,Its nothing but a power grab,and this must stop.Indiana hes nothing but a democrat-with a R after his name.We need leader ship..transparency,and action not words in congress,he had his chance,and he accomplished nothing.Indiana its time for a real constitutional conservative to represent Indiana,And you have that in KRISTY RISK Dont mess up Indiana and let her slip threw the cracks,buschon has money,and rich friends,kristy has spunk and a real love for her state and her country,Send kristy to Congress Indiana,Shes the only true conservative in the ticket ,Indiana americas running out of chances,A vote kristy risk,,is a true vote for change,,,,,,,,Now im not in her campain,im not paid by kristy,im just her friend,i now this women,its her time,Its time indiana stands up to big goverment,rich politions,and do nothing politions.kristy is change you truly can believe in.wish we had more like kristy in other states,America would be much better off.

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