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Monday, January 30, 2012

Its Time Americans Fend For Themselfs.Its Time Americans Unite As 1-(( Not Left ))-(( Not Right ))-As 1 America.United Togeather As Freedom Loveing People.The Truth Behind Socailisim,Will Scare You.,(( YES WE CAN AMERICA ,YES WE CAN ))-Change America.Obamas Change Will Lead Us Back To Slavory,Our Change Gives Us Freedom.

Thats the problem with the people in this country.besides being divided,besides actting like this is just another election,most are clueless,and the sad thing is,ive found out ,most of my critics dont even vote.some of them have never voted.what even gives them the right to there opinion,if theve never exersized there constitutional rights.It sickens me 2 think that a person can get away with giving there opinion on who the want as president,but has never went to a pole and voted for 1.and they sit there and wander ,what happend.last election obama opened his mouth,people feel to there knees,obama stood over the crowed with hands in the air like he was god.people who never voted before voted Democratic,dead people rose from the graves in the 1000s-to vote for this self appointed god.acorn,went around and muscled people,people voted 3,4-and 5 times.the unions were paid billions in pay-offs for helping him get elected.Jesus how much clearer can it be,but people still support this terrest.obama knows he cant win on his record-so class warfare will be his goal.and saddly enough its we are fighting each other over candidates,digging up dirt,publically castrating these candidates,doing the desecrates job for mid-summer whoever the candidate is,wont matter,the republican party would have been completely dismantled.supporters of each candidate are threatening to right in there canadate regardless who the nominee is.ron paul supporters are mean,nasty bastards,ive had several run ins with them ,america i firmly believe now paul supporters are almost all obama supporters, let people think paul is there man.people we have once again been screwed by the Democrats,and the establishment politions.our vote is all we have left,and getting people who dont vote to vote.if we dont do this ourselfs,get out there face to face and convince americans in the critical condition our countrys in,we will loose.we will loose everything.this is the only way we will save this country.wake ip my friends,nov 2nd 1 off 2 things will happen,our efforts will save america,and we will once again prosper,or the plug will be pulled,and america dies.obama has billions in his war chest,its gonna be nasty,but money cant buy a vote,if we dont allow it to.America is at a cross road,Go left,we die as a coutry,we become a communist lead country-were money is distributed evenly between the people,who then intern work the rest of there lives for there leaders,12-16 hours a day,no over-time,just chance to ever get ahead.this is socailisim,the part the left wont tell these idiots,all they no is its free money,thats all the left wants them to no.any dum-ass with half a brain should no this already.if nobody works,just sits and watches tv,who will make the products we need to live.the rich guys in power,will obama make it,no-think they rule us,we work for them forever.its ((slavory))-flat out, we all become slaves to our own stuppid ideology.wish the left would tell these idiots the truth,but they wont.NOWWW, If we go to the right,will we be saved,no we wont,we will slow it down,because these socailist bastards are in the republican party 2.people like mc cain,yes hes a hero,but also a socailist.just more laid back,but still a socailist.You say then what can we do if both sides are corrupt,if you say that ,you need to sit down and regroup.the answer is simple america-go to the poles and fire all who have served more than 2 terms,in this new america after 2 terms there probly corrupt anyway.replace all these politions with new constitutionally minded americans.((yes we can ))-(( yes we can ))-fix and save our country.its up to you.Is america worth a little hard work from you.go out there talk to people,get them to vote,get them to understand ,there vote does count.Its time america,Its time.

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