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Monday, January 30, 2012

BRAKEING NEWS ,Ron Paul Campain Is Fixed,Most Supporters Are obama Flunkies Hired To Split Up The Party.Poles Have Been Rigged To Look Like Rommine Is A Shoe In.The Demicrats and The Establishment Republicans Are Working Togeather.,To Smash Knewt.

American politics for years has been a dog eat dog business.its sad but the complete distruction of a candate and his family has become a every day norm,saddly enough americans have growen to except this brutal tactic as normal politics,But this time its went over board,and i pray the american public will finally say enough and put a stop to it.I never dreamed id see the day that a candidates own party would result to destroying there own party canadates like the republican party is doing now.Makes you wander ,why would the party go after knewt as hard as they have.why do they fear him,the answer in right in front of your noses if you would just open your eyes and the 80s while ragan was president -knewt played hard ball politics,he made both sides work togeather,Regan depended on knewts abuility to make both sides of the isle work togeather.and he got it done.but pay back for his tacyics would soon be pit on him 10 fold over/nancy polosie and both sides of the isle filed ethic charges against knewt,cost him his speeker-ship.he retired,the left and right won this fight of pay back.but what you didnt here and wont here is that knewt was exonerated off all charges,,allll charges.but is the media telling you this,no ,only that he was forced from office in disgrace.what polosie and the desecrates did to knewt was evil-exspecailly compared to what polosie and obama are doing today.knewt never-ever went against the constitution,never broke a law-but he was run out of washington,because he wouldnt play ball with the establishment.If america would wake up-they would see there being played like little puppits,polosie has been re-elected so many times i lost count-harry reed-john kerry,mc cain,and doza of others,these establishment politicians now a knewt presidency would be the end of there rule,the end of there little piggy bank.there legalized insider trading,legal for them-illegal for us,but it goes on right under our noses.we must stop them,now.this election is the most importent in our history.we loose this 1 were finished.Ive never ever seen both sides work togeather before to distroy 1 canadate like i have with knewt.why do they want rominne,geesh thats easy hes 1 of them,but most of all the baggage he carys will garantee another obama yes there moneys on rommine because he will no dought loose to obama.with his mormon religion,he will loose most religious votes,with rominee care obama can use that against him ,to keep ibama care alive.if obama care is not struck down this year-we will be stuck with this garbage for years.America it dont stop there eather,the demicrates and the republicans are sending people to the net,to act as if they support ron paul,but they dint,this make paul look like hes gaining support,exspecaily with the military,why do this ,because if people think paul is gaining ground,some are more appt to vote in his favor.and rommine his base for some reson has doubled,even after being 25% for yearssssss.were has these supporters came from.there demicrates,and establishment republicans flooding the poles with liers and paid theifs.all to split our party,its called class warfare.obama has nothing to run on nothing.his only hope is to split americans in half.they do this obama wins.America stop look at whats going on .our only hope of a win never got in sarah palin i feel coulda done it,but the brutality of the left wing tactics,and the left wing media excepting obama money to support him and distroy all who appose him.the media should be jailed for treason,right along with obama and his band of theifs.America yes knewt has been in politics for years,but hes all we got who can march into washington and clean house.this is what washington fears most.send him to washington america-theres been to much damage done to our country,electing a newby will only hurt us,besides we elected a newby to the white house,hows that working out.everything i just told you is varfieable,check it out,thats the least you can do if you really love america,gather around knewt plz-send this man straight to the white house,hit the streets,get these people who dont vote to vote this time,convince them there vote does count.want proff every vote counts-look at Minnesota, sanatorium beat by 9 votes,you tell me every vote dont count.get these people to the polls,and get ready for the billion dollar smear campaine comeing our way.bit if your a true patriotic american,all the money and smear tactics will never buy the vote you hold.good luck america,i hope you lissioned and understood what i said.its easyer to hold on to freedom,but its almost imposible to get it back once we loose it.god bless this wanderful country.we must keep it.

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