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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Americas Future Is Once Again In The Hands Of The American Voter-Will America Servive This,,Or Will Americans As Obama Says ,,((Muck It Up.))-Will The Left And Right Come Togeather As 1-Or Does Politicains Finish Americans Distruction

The constitutions of the united states of america,was A Brilliant Piece of paper,formed by the founding fathers,They relised early in our history that power and greed would be americas down fall.The 1st few years of our country proved to be the most important ever,the 1st few years showed that politions cant control there greed,there lust for power,there drive for money.Money Is The Root Of All Evil.No Money dictates everything, money corrupted the goverment then as it does now,so corruption isnt anything new in politics.But our founding fathers seen this problem early,that why the constitutions was needed.without it americans would be nothing but slaves to there own goverment.these men were wise.Our constitution was created to protect us the american citizen.And its protected us for over 150 years.But something happened in the past 70 years,americans feel asleep,went limp,took life for granted.americans didnt relise,that as they took life for granted,most didnt vote,corrupt politions ran ramped threw the goverment,corruption,power,money,mob connections,sex,prostitution,drugs,and murder,became every day way of life in the world of washington politics.And who ended up paying for there corruption,(WE THE PEOPLE.)-proveing beyond a dought,politions serving more than 2 terms are as corrupt as they come.Why americans havent ranted about this ill never no.but i do no this,this will be our last chance to fix this problem,this will be our last and finall chance to leave this  country,whole,free and prospering,for future generations.this is a fact-if the demarcates are not stopped this election,were finished.And if the republicans are replaced this election,were finished.what im saying if theyve been in power more than 2 terms,there probly them out.dont fire all repiblicans ,leave a few exsperanced politions there who no what there doing,think about this for a min,people,obama has broken more constitutional laws than anybody befor him combined,why is he still in power,whyyyy.why hasnt he been impeached,why hasnt our top law cop been jailed for selling gins illegally to drig cartels,and causing the murder of a border agent.why,why are they still in power.#1 there corrupt,#2 republicans are in control of the house,they have the power,why has nothing been done.ill tell you why these politions on both sides are in on this,there all crooks,and they must be americans we have 1 finall shot at this,thats nov 2012 election.last chance.but im still worried about this present obama administration,.this countrys at war.and according to our constatution,treason against america is punishable by death.???????,think,if youe obama,and you no that what youve done can be called treason,what would you now as president your safe,your protected by your own corrupt top cop.but what happens if you loose.what would you do.think.your gonna win this election no matter what you do -or who you have to have killed,but you will win 1 way or another,orrrrrr you make sure this election never happens.MARSHAL LAW. Is obamas only life me america ,somethings about to happen,something bad is about to happen,something that will give obama the power to issue marshal law.And im afraid i no what it will be,1 of 2 things.a terrest attact from within .will start a ferm believer obama is what our government calls a  terrist sleeper.un my heart im afraid im right,i pray im not.2nd and most likely stenerio.a race war ,provoked by obama and his demicratic out-laws,think.every time anybody says anything on the right,-there accused of being raciest,white demarcates are going into black nabor hoods on tv-radio accusing republicans of being raceist.if anybody says a word against obama there dont matter obamas brakeing this country,it dont matter obamas funneling billions into accounts owned by the mob,it dont matter 1 of obamas top people in his cabnet,his economids directer was named ceo of 1 of americas top banking institutions lost 1.6 billion dollars,cant find it,lost it were did it go.well they found most of it payed out to 5 differnt people,all haveing off shore accounts,all tied to obama.obama will leave office a billionaire.while he leaves low income americans worrse than they were when he took dont matter.hes black and most americans dependent of goverment hand outs will again vote for him,just to keep getting free money to buy booze and drugs,it dont matter because these kind of americans will never amount to shit anyways.although many retired americans support him because hes convinced them we want to polute the water .push gramma off the cliff.and take there retirement,all lies,but ya cant tell most elderly shit,because there hard core demarcates,and will never brake party lines,would never vote republican,even if it ment the complete collaps of our country.its sad that we cant even unite even to save our country.why cant we pit politics aside just 1 time and be americans,real patriotic-americans.this election will determine if we live or die.this election will determine if we even deserve to be free.this election can be won if we unite laft left and right ,togeather as 1-if we can do this we can servive this.if we cant.we dont deserve to live here many real americans fought and died for this country,and if we cant defend what they died for,we dont deserve to be a free people.america last chance.obamas billion dollar smear campain is about to kick off.obamas chicago head campaine office in chicago has been linked to facebook,directly,everything america types in facebook and google is now routed directly to obamas campain office.were the mullty -million-dollar computer set up sorts threw everything we do and say and tags us, is this illegal,well i dont no anymore,obama has shredded our constitution and created his own laws.all i no.if we dont hit the streets,go door 2 door hand in hand with our democratic nabors,were finished.hers-1 more interesting stat,,65% of the american people  dont even vote,,dont even sad.theres your target america,want to win in nov,want your country back,get these non voteing people to vote,get them we will win,point out obamas lies,dont blame it all on obama,blame the old school republicans 2-there jusr as guilty,as obama-there in this togeather.if they impeached obama i might of thought differnt,bit they didnt,so by crooks,find a job,and 1 more thing plzzzzzzzzz join the teaparty,plzzzzzzz everybody join,wather you like them or not,we need our constitution fallowed.theyll do it.and wint turn-there backs on isreal,and wont run ,they understand the impotence of a string powerful military,god now we will need them soon.

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