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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Americans Are To Stupid-To Relise/Both Partys Are Corrupt,That The Lefy And Right Are Playing Us Like Little Bitches/Will Americans Ever Wake Up,Obama Will Never Allow The November Elections To Happen.

America has been Over thrown,by the vary people we trusted to manage her.America has been over thrown by the vary communist way of life we went to war with ,time and time again.But this time no blood was lost/only the blood of our military,send overseas to fight a enommie,there who was a aggressive brutal people hell bent on our way of life,hell bent on our death,To them death of the infidel,is there highest calling./how do you fight a enommie like this.Were life means nothing to them.Its hard/but not a lost cause,But the demicrates/had other ideas,they seen there chance to once again retake power/and over throw this country,-lets all get 1 dam thing straight,The demicrates were at 1 time a great /for the people political organization,At 1 time they did love america,all my life i was a demicrate,my family were all dems,But it changed,fast,I relised under GW BUSH,Something was happening,All partys  for once united for the greater good of america.But shortly after we went to war with Afghanistan/and then Iraq,the same people,who voted to send our children to war was now against it.while my boys were fighting in Afghanistan and iraq,our politicians were were wageing a deferent war here at home.The blame game began.Instead of uniting,the Democrates split the party.played on the minds of the week cowardly americans,who wanted ,free liveing,free money,free way of life,They went after the anti-american population,illegals,they went after faggits,they went after the west coast funny/odd people who dressed in odd colors/and called it expressing themselves. They went after the educated part of america,telling them the republican party was going to distroy them and this country,if they didnt join forces with them.Why didnt we see this comeing,because the socialist commie movement tryed in the 60s in the viet nam war.these pinks were blowing up government buildings,lead by non other then BILL ARYERS-AND HIS WIFE.They called us murders/baby killers.thugs.they accused us of illegal interrogation tecs/does this sound familer. It should,the same people who killed our police,who bombed our goverment/and federal buildings are now grown up-and are in power.the same people who hated america then are now running intire generation has been programmed to belief america is say well of its that bad why hasnt the republicans stopped them,lmfao-thats easy,most of them are all socailist scum-bags ,only difference,there running under the repiblican tickit,instead of demicratic tickit.ill hive you a few hints,,anti-war activist,and ex military man JOHN KERRY, Hated america then,hates it now.JOHN MC CAIN-Hayes america for leaving him in as a war prisoner for years,think hard,the commies had him for years,in there contril,the horor that man went threw is unthinkable.but was he programmed,of course,he had to be.60s anti- war  activists,the Clintons,brutally condemned America.infact a fact check wull put almost every demicrate over the age of 60 in this anti-government movement,all draft dogers-or anti-government.why cant we stop them,how-there the government,there the you really think they will investigate themselfs,total replacement of our government is the only chance we have/both sides.The teaparty was our best hope,but the socialist movement new this.they new this group of Americans could and would distroy all theyve accomplished,so what did they do-went after them with lies/brutalized Sarah Palin,the 1 true American left in power who coulda fixed this country.nobody checked out what she did as Governor/only believed what they were told.these Americans/women rights groups should be jailed for believeing this garbage sent out over the airways about her.instead of asking themselves,why do they hate her so much,and finding out themselves,they believed the rederic,and went after her.who are these people,there the poor/the useless side of America,the people who want something for mother raised me to believe,nothing in life is free/-if they say its free,theirs a catch/if you didnt work for it/means you dont deserve it/or you stole it.America,i see no brite horizon,i only see war.As a people were to divided now to do anything,our freedom will have to be fraught for once again.and you think 650,000 killed in the civil war-was a lot,you aint seen nothing yet.civil war was fraught with single shot muskets,,today fire power can unload a shot a second,30-to-50 round clips in 30 seconds-or less.The population of America will be reduced,20% in the 1st 6 months.Is this really what you want.ya better wake,you have a few short months,not years to do this.think real-hard america ,im gonna give you a hint,when war will brake out,OBAMA-Has broken un told amendments,un-told laws.all can be called treasonous,he squashed laws because he didnt like them,as president he has surrounded himself with communists/his friends,law cant touch him.but if he looses election,then finished.what does the constitution demand for treason committed in war time. need i say more.he will do anything to keep power/anything,-including killing Americans.a true American couldn't do what he did,think about it,a true American could never do what he did.unite,unite,unite-now,or we all die.  

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