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Friday, December 30, 2011

Only 1 Person Can Save This Country-And If We Can Get 1 more Person To Run-We Will Servive-37% Of Americans Vote-That Means Theres 67% Of the Country-We Need To Get To The Poles.(( 67% )) Go Get Them

Never in our history has America Been This close to falling into anarky,falling into comminist control.Soon this country will be over run by muslim terrists,illegal allians,drug dealers.Our wifes,will be raped,our children killed,Americans will soon be fighting not for freedom,but for there lives,to servive,and it all coulda been avoided,just by seeing what was going on around us.20 tears ago a muslim would never of been elected as our president,forget this bum not even haveing a birth certificate.he would never been elected,if all america voted.50 yrs ago  50 % of america voted,60 yrs ago just about everybody voted,why because it was the american thing to,less than 37% of americans vote.theyll raise hell bitch,because there not getting enough free money,or they dont like our troops being killed defending freedom.they want the joys of freedom,but dont ot wont defend it,fight for it,man the sadest thing is they wont even get of there asses and vote.these people dont even have a right to open there socailist mouths,if they wont even do the easy task of going to the poles and vote.This is our problem.And if we donr find a way to get these americans of there asses and vote,were gonna loss this wanderful country we live in.10s of 1000s of people died just trying to get to this country,why ,freedom,the right to vote,the right to have a say so in who there leaders are.were become a comminist dictater-ship fast.infact all sighns are there were 1 election away from it.If obama wins again,were finished.America everyone of you have the obligation to go find these idiots and get them to the poles,its your responsability to exsplain to these brain dead idiots why they need to get out there and vote,this is it,its over-america will die in 2012 if obama is realected.even more scary-is if the wrong republican becomes president.everybody must get out there hit the streets,the best canadates out there have no money,they cant compete against rommines,pauls,perrys.they got money,and im sick and tired of people buying elections.if were to get good people up there were gonna have to help them,send money,even if you cant afford it-send it anyways-money will do none of us any good,if obama wins again.our countrys been turned upside down.obama has hurt is bad,the world thinks were pussies,we need a strong-person whos been in goverment,nows how it works and fix it.that leaves only 2 canadates with the abuility,knewt-is the man to get us on traxx.the other isnt running,yet,i pray she gets in.America-lission close-we have to get it right this time.get out there work hard,walk your heels off your shoes,get our people in office.i trust knewt-he can and will get it done-think-why are the republicans so afraid of him-why are the dems afraid of him.he will tare them down.,and pray palin gets in ,if anything else run as knewts #2-eather way this team can and will win.,and if we get out there and help-we will become strong again.go to work america-save your country-she needs you.

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