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Friday, December 30, 2011

Real Americans-Not Demicrates Have The Right To Take Back There Country-((Will They ))-We Will See-This Artical Shows You How.-Its Short And To The Point.Want -AMERICA BACK.-Heres How You Do It

People were in big trouble-here.a hand full of rich-leaders is pulling the strings here.Youve heard the old saying (( money is the root of all evil.))well money is being used to distroy this country.Americans are selfish and greedy,and this greed is distroying us,from within.unrill people wake up and see whats going on.were dead.the demicratic party has sold out america,there socailist commies,used our 1 weakness to get at america,((greed ))the lost soles on the left have sold out to the devil.for money,free rides,free food,free health,free,free,free-makes the unamerican scum-bag vote.they dont care what it will do to america,they only care about now.unless we can open there eyes,were gonna die america.theres 1 ray of hope out there.poles state that only 37% of the country even votes.,,that leaves over 50% of the nation who dont vote,for whatever the reason,there up-set-they think there votes dont count,for whatever reason,if we could get to these people,get them to the poles,we could stop this distructive end comeing on top of us.we can win people,but its up to us.can you do it-well see.If you love your nation,your family,if you want to leave a free nation for your children.youll get out there hit the streets.get them non voteing americans to the me the other side is doing just that.plz dont let the devil win again.give up on god-we loose everything.,,,,,,,Im Rodney Bond  And I Approved This Message,Under The Rights Granted To Me-And -You,  By Our Founding Fathers-You Have Full Authority By Our Founding Fathers,To Go Out There And Retake Your Country.

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