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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Specail Merry Xmas To All Americans,For God Will Bless True Americans,For There Faith In Him.And May God Bless Our Enommies Before We Distroy Them.

Good morning-my Friends,and fallowers,who read my blog.,hope you have a wonderful,happy,peaceful,xmas,and may god bless you these trying times,we dont now what our future has in store for us,but 1 thing i no for sure,((((united as 1 nation under god/and lead by our lord-and savior,Our future will be bright.))))-keep the faith,and love toward each other,keep your family close to your hearts.And be thankful we have come this far.This is the 1st time in 230 years of our nations birth,That our furure is so unsertion.We live in trying times,hard times,Even though our great nation is being lead by treasonists,traters,and a muslim terrist,we will servive,Because we have a higher power leading us,we will defeat,distroy,and restore,this great nation back to (( 1 Nation Under God  ))-Merry xmas America,and may god bless you all.god bless our troops,were ever they may be.and may god continue to bless America.

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