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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Pledge For All American Patriots To Take-If Were To Survive-Till 2012, Take It We Live-Do Nothing,Well We Die.Do We Live Or Do We Die America

American Patriots Pledge for Victory on Election Day 2012

This Pledge Was Wrote By John Tydlaska Jr.,I Felt It Was Worth Re posting.Read This Pledge,And In Comment Are Plz-Tell Me What Your Gonna Do To Assure.We Will Take Back Our Nation On 2012.
======================================================================  The degree of liberty or tyranny American society enjoys is a reflection of the determination of citizens to be free, their willingness & ability to resist efforts to enslave them by a federal government with unlimited power.

Christian Patriots will never accept Islam  into our American society as a true religion. Islam denies that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That makes the Islam Allah a false god.  Radical Islam, Muslim extremism & Shariah Law proclaimed by Muslim leaders & their Quran are enemies of our Republic American traditions, heritages, customs, Constitution, & our Bill of Rights. Old Glory is our National Flag representing the Home of the Brave & Freedom.  We pledge that Patriots will defend Old Glory against those who work for the destruction of our Republic.

American Patriots will not allow the evil of Islam to infect our Republic.  Patriots throughout our Republic are united to remove the New World Order Progressive Liberals, National Socialist, Communist, RINOs, & Muslims from all elected local, county, state, & federal government offices including our School Boards on Election Day 2012. Our next objective will be to arrest, charge every Illegal Alien with the crime of illegal entering our country, serve their Prison time, when completed, escorted to the border & expelled from the USA.

Patriots will restore our Republic roots of our founding fathers of 1776 & hold those accountable by the Rule of Law who attempted to destroy our Constitution by their corruption & illegal activities.

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