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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Specail Thanks Giveing Wish To My Son And His Unit,And All Our Military Fighting For Our Freedom

Today Is the day we give thanks.If not for our faith in our lord,the god over all gods,We wouldnt be here.If not For our troops,Defending our way of life,We would be just another sole lost in hell.Today more than anytime in history,our way of life is being threatened,We have a man in office hell bent on our destruction,We have a political party on the left,under his spell. keep your faith in god and our military,We will survive ,we will win,we will live as free god fearing people again.we are few-but proud,we are strong,but have restraint. we will defeat any all all,who attempt to destroy us,for our god,the real lord of lords,god of gods,is with us.Our way of life,our beliefs can not be brought down.For we are americans,We are a christian nation,serving the good of all mankind.As you set down today with your loved ones,To give thanks and eat,Send a word of thanks to our beloved troops,were ever they serve,because without them,were nothing.The evil sitting in the white house will be defeated,times are hard,but remember this,good always comes to those who believe.god bless you,god bless America,and a special god bless you to our heros,god loves you we love you.,,,huwhaaa ,In the picture above is my son and members of his unit.I send every one of the 913 engineers a special prayer and hug,i love you guys,be safe,take care of each other,come home you.

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