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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama has Lost Our support,Hes A Failure-and A Treasonist-He must be Removed From Office Now.-Remove or Impeach asap.His Ex-order pen will soon,Give Him Unlimited Power.

After 8 years of democratic control of the house,3 Years With A Democratic President,The Democrates Dirty,illegal politics is being exposed.And un doughtably will jail many of them.Including the president.Today the house ethics commity called for obamas top law inforcement officer to resine.They clame hes not fallowing the rules of the commity,he refuses to coroperate,his ties to the fast and furious scandle is no dought his orders,and most likely goes straight to obama.Holders refusal to cooperate with the commision no dought proves his guilt,His reasoning for not corroperateing only means 1 thing,hes hideing something,and that something is most likely ,obama.Politics has been a corrupt nasty busness for years,non more corrupt than the present administration.Media wont tell you,but this administration is being told what to do by the mob,its no new news,when you look at who he hangs with.his smooth talking personality,was the perfict amminition the demicrates needed to take the white house.It dont take a sckooler to figure out whos running this country,everybody around obama has ties to the mob,1 mobster leaves obamas staff as obamas #1 man-and goes to chicago win mayor election in 2 months,and daly leaves chicago and goes to obamas staff to take over dead fishes job,just a fluck ah,lol-right.harry reis-un doughtable gets his orders from the mob in vagas,come on ,this df is hated by 90% of nev,how did he -or how does he get realected,over and over,he has friends in bad goes on and in,but nothing is more telling than obamas assocation with terrists like bill ayres,,,his radical preacher,his wife,who openly says she dispises america,she dresses like a african zulu queen,has no respect for herself or her looks,you have her close friend ship-to the radical leader of the nation of islam,the same radical idiots who call for the mass killing of all americans just last year,its hard to get away  from your past.but what i dont understand is the american voters on the left,the demicrates,today they still fall to there knees in front of this self proclamed god.obama has takein in and support fags-you no those sillie pricks who look like something out of a comic book.obama supports groups like code pink,a radical group who spot on our troops,piss on our goes on ,and ,on.Theres no end in sight.It would take 50 pages if i was to tell you about every crime the dems have commited,The democrates are not what they use to be,the patriotic left once apon a time loved this country,there gone,the dems are completely socailised comminists,hell bent on the distrustion of america,and by god we cant let this happen,we can and must stop them.obama said the american people are lazy,im beggining to think he might be right.are you.Well never servive to 2012,obama must be removed now,drove out of office,impeached,i dont care,he has to be removed,oir vary exsistence depends on if we can remove him, spring,america it will be to late.its up to you.remove him,we live long and free,if hes still in power this summer,americans will begin ti die by the 1000s,yes,we beggin to die.war will brake out,its america wake ip-in in your ball park,remove him piecefully by protesting,or later by war,eather way we must move forward.america needs us.I give you this power to take back america,The powers given to us by our founding fathers,and the constatution.If you act now,right now,we have the laws of the land protecting this spring-or-summer at the latest,obamas ex order pen-will strip us of our freedoms.act now

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