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Friday, July 29, 2011


All threw history,media has been the #1 outlet of news,The american people has always relied on media for the news,of whats happening,around the world and at home.But what happens when the vary people you trust to give you the truth about whats happening,starts lieing to you.What happens when someone can step in offer big money to tell a story they no is a lie.Well thats exsacully whats happening today.billionares like george soroes,who openly hates america and our demicratic process,has done,MBC,ABC,CBS,CNN,Has all been influenced by this man.This jewish trator betyrayed his own people,And made his billions on distroying countrys,and banks,Hes pure evil-but he thrives on,yes his money baught these media outlets,yes in the name of money these news outlets betrayed the vary country,that made it possable for them to be were there at.But it dont stop there.Sorose and his socailist movement has infiltrateted our vary goverment.Yes america caught on,and on the 2010 elections,they had set the record straight,republicans took over.the house,but failed to take both houses.leaveing the demicratic party still in control of 1 house.This was a big mistake.Yes we stopped the stampede,of distruction,but we didnt stop them flat out,now our goverment has come to a complete hault,nothing is being done,because the republicans have come up with good bills to stop our country from going bellie up-but when the bill  gets to the other house,obama and the demicrates table it stopping it dead on arrival.and what does the media do,NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN,-has started there redceric of beating up the republicans,calling them un american.calling them the party of no.Even though they have offerd 3 differnt bills,and all three times dems stopped it.the left hasnt come up with a single bill-or a single plan to stop this debit ceiling debate.why is this,its simple.the demicratic party lead by obama will loose there blank check book,these bills offerd by the republicans will stop there money,force them to balence our nations bank book,This will distroy obamas plans for our country,a balenced check book and a booming econnime will cost him his dream,a dream of being the king of a socailist nation,dependent totally on him.Know we get to the real problem here,The media.although fox news gives both sides of the story,,NBC,ABC,CBS,CNN,-Is still only giveing obamas views to there viwers,and flat out lieing on the republicans,these stationed baught by the leader of the socailist movement,has betrayed there country,By lieing to there viewers,has brainwashed them in believing obama is god,there leader,there savior.America were in big trouble here,our nation is weeks from being completely over throwen,and the biggist reason is the media,How can a viewer of these stations make a rashinal dission if there only opion was given to them from anti-american media outlets,they no no differnt,because there to stuppid to turn the station and get another point of view.Anybody with any brains at all can see somethings wrong,never in history has a women been beat up as bad as sarah palin,and ridiculed ,without womens rights organisations raiseing hell.but in the obama err-thats whats happening.what has become of our country.weres the strong morel values we americans once had.have we been free so long we forgot how we got it.are we so stuppid that we cant think on our own anymore,that we need big brother to tell us what to do.America werein trouble,If we dont act now.well never get another chance.NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN,AND PBS-Need to be shut down.America needs to pickit,blackball do whatever it can,but these stations will be our down fall.Fox news fireing ( glenn beck ))Proved to me.that soros is everywere.obama is everywere,communizum is everywere.I still believe deep in my heart the 2012 election will never happen,obama will be our leader till hell freezes over.Because we will be under marshal law by next nov-2012.I no something drastic must happen,unrest in the nation,must get out of control,before a president can order marshal law.Wake up-america,obama has everything in place.his former adviser dead fish-stated it best,WE MUST NEVER ALLOW A GOOD DISASTER GO TO WASTE.Think,obama has allowed 1000s of guns to go to drug cartels.hes openly allowed terrist groups to train in our country ,under the protection of our freedom of religion act.theres 1 camp in DOVER TN,-That openly trains ,untouched and protected by holder.we have millions of muslums now liveing amoung us.some good people-yes-but many no.weve been warned for years osama had sleeper cells here.America our dimise is in place,waiting for the word,when its given,all hell will brake loose.and obama will order his new army to kill us.theres only 1 hope for us.get him out of office asap-and go after these cells-and bad guys obama has put in place.                                                                                                                                                             Right now im watching harry reid on tv telling america how bad republicans are,how there trying to distroy our country,buy not giveing them a blank check,hes lieing how theyve tryed to save us.hes now lieing flat out how the cbo-scored there bill as the best 1.america they have no bill-nada-there lieing flat out.but yet americans will believe them.its so,so sad that americans are believeing this garbage,were finished if america believes these demicrates,we must stop these trators.

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