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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are You Tired Of Debit Ceiling Debates,fighting,There Is A Simple Solution America.Obama wont Like It.And Big Busness Would Hate It..But The American People Would And Should Love It.A FLAT TAX OF 15% ACCROSS THE BOARD-

Its a crying shame that america has come to this point.For 3 years now all weve  heard is debit ceiling,im sick and tired of sitting back,watching a political party-lead by there community organiser/and theif,/spend,spend .spend,untill theres no more,then have the balls to come back and ask for more,.there like spoiled bratts running wild in a toy store.This bull-shit must stop.the demicratic party has almost completely broke our country,why.why would these idits spend,and brake our countrys treasury,and brake us the american people,its a complicated answer,but theres a vary simple solution for the whole dam problem.Its called a FLAT TAX.Yes a 15%  tax accross the board,1 flat tax everybody pays,rich and poor.In todays tax codes,there so complicated,with red tape,loop-holes,tax credits,,corrperate tax brakes and loop holes,it goes on and on.infact its so complicated it has opened fraud in the tune of trillions of dollars over the years,it must stop.Im sick and tired of lissioning to politions wine about big busness not paying sick of hereing people bitch about big oil getting rich of us.we-hello-dum-asses,this is america,a place were dreams are made to come true.not be taxed if you make it big,I bring this up for a good reason,lets get this straight up front,my total means of income is my socail security,and my flag sellingbon the side,i make maby 100 dollars a month on flag sales,im not rich.but im not greedy eather,i say we need a flat tax-that everybody pays,accross the board.that way big busness still pay 15%,now it dont take a brain dr to figure this out ,at 15% of earnings it goes like this,15.00 for every 100.00 earned,goes to if you earn 2000.00 a month-you pay 150.00-in taxes.If your a exxon-it goes like this,(there is no difference,15%-simple.,easy,less complex.only difference,you pay 150.00 for taxes exxon pays billions in taxes,simple and easy to understand,America a flat tax will be our best solution,kill the present tax codes,fire 90% of the irs-because we wouldnt need them anymore,and start a flat tax accross the board,Then add a ammendment to our constatution,forceing our polititions to run our goverment on what the country brings in.this way everybody pays there fare share of taxes,not just the rich,as of right now over half this countrys citizons dont pay shit,nothing,all free money un taxed,while the middle class is taxed to death.,and the rich gets there tax brakes.last year obamas close friend and confadant,the owner and seo-of general electric,payed nothing at all in taxes.his company,threw tax loop holes,paid nothing.a billion dollar a year corperation,pays nothing in taxes,why the gas station,or cornor store pays 37,9% of every dollar they earn to goverment.bull shit this must stop,we must all tightin up our belts,and fix this shit,befor obama and his band of mary little fags steal our country.

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