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Friday, July 29, 2011

((WE WILL DISTROY AMERICA))-Heres The Face Of OBAMAS,New Army.How many Virgins Was obama promised,to betray us.

In 3 years we wet from proud americans,to electing a muslum as a president,a man who was busted and charged with male prostitution in new york,we elected a man who told us point blank he will distroy us threw fundamentally changeing our country.him and his shemale counter part has spent billions of dollars on there personal vacations,on the tax payers dollar,hes allowed millions of our enommies to come to america illegally,under his protection,these muzy bastards have set up terrist training camps,all over this country,1 just 60 miles from my house in dover tn.i seen it.protected by the goverment,useing our freedom of religion law.gays can now get married,knowing this is wrong,.he stop all new oil drilling in america,but yet he gives  billions in aid for other countrys to drill.forceing our gas up over 4,00 a gal,thus forceing all companys to raise there prices,thus forceing our country into a recession.America what to hell more can he do before americans say enough.wake up people,2012 election will never happen ,we will be under marshal law before then.He must be removed right now,threw our constatution-and the laws our founding fathers set forth for us we do have the power as americans to remove this commie right now.Trouble with this right,it must be majority.well america its up to you.sit back do nothing,allow this muzy to distroy your country,and allow his brothers to start beheading years end-or you start a movement to kick his ass out of office and jail him for treason,your choose,a famouse founding father once said,( give me liberty,or give me death,)were do you stand.As a country we have come to a cross road in our history.We elected a socailist,idiot,who told us to our faces he will distroy this country by fundamentally changeing how we run things,Hes travaled the world appoligiseing to our enommies,He admited he was a muslum,but converted,any df with any knolage of the muslum faith nows you never leave the faith.its like the mafia,once your in your in,only 1 way out.America wake up ,he lied to all off us.It took years for the socailist movement,to gain enough power in this country to be able to get this far.the 60s socailist anti-war movement grew up-entered schools as teachers,and began programming the new generation.well mission accomplished.Know here we are at a time in history,when 1 single vote will dictate the out come of our countrys future.once again we find ourself within weeks of haveing to take up arms and once again fight for our rights to be free.America its up to you,Do we use what rights we have left to defeat this goverment and ask for there removal,or do we sit back,do nothing,and have to shed blood once again,to remain diside america,yes its that bad,its gone that far.act now america or loose it all.   Today in the news,another american soldier is arrested for awol.,later found out to be planning a attact on american soldier,How in the hell did this happen.Its as plain as the brown nose on a demicrates  face.Its our muslum president.                                            Obamas is openly imbraceing islam,has sent the message out to the world.that america is theres for the takeing.if your not scared you better be.because this muslum presedent has open the doors to a flood of muslum nut-cases,to enter this thats not the scary part,the scary part is his demicratic base still doesnt see it.they still support him,the far left exstreamists have sold out this country.and like a storm in the night,has flooded our communitys with the most crule.brutal people on earth.who will vary soon start killing the most brutal means known to man.and at the head ,is  barrak hussain obama,the profit mohammads angle.America has allowed a muslum into the white house.and today even still support america has been lied to,but still support him,why,because hes black,no dfsssss hes half black,half evil.America unless something drastic happens vary soon,and america wakes up, were going to war.right here in america.that ass-hole sitting up there in the most powerful seat in the world,is about to distroy us.pick what side your gonna be on ,and pray to god you picked the winning side,will freedom win,or will freedom die forever.this is the million dollar question.personally i think its to late ,the demicratic party hassupported this animal so long ,they have no choose,to avoid looking like the trator punks they are,they will support this angal of mohammads ,to the end.americas about to die,and you the american people,allowed it.its your lack of outrage ,that allowed our country to go this far down.its the demicrates lack of love of this country,that allowed this ass-hole to openly distroy us.its the love of money and power ,that incuraged our politicains to betray our country,our soverinty,our freedom.theres 1 group of people out there trying to open up the american peoples  eyess to the distruction of this country,(( the teaparty,)) and there slmmed and called exstreamists,but yet when you programmed to believe only what your masters tell cant posable be exspected to understand ,I feared- nothing,no man no beat,untill biggist fear is ,that you the american people will not stand up in time.i fear you the heart and sole of american pride,will not stand up in time.I fear we will soon be at war in our streets,my fear is will I stand alone.My fear is OBAMA WILL his goal to distroy america.Now is the time america,hold your children tight.for obamas army is out there,troling the streets ,at night ,looking,waiting,for his word.GOD HELP US

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