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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sturgus Kentucky bike Rallie Rocks This Year-But The New Owners Of (( Big Gs Dew Drop Inn)),Disides To Screw A Local vender ,Out Of His Money

The sturgus bike rallie has been a big event for years,10s of thousands of bikers converge on sturgus yearly,bringing millions of dollars to a community,not much bigger than a hole in the wall.For the past few years,the city of sturgus has been in litagation with another popular rallie in sturgus sd,-the problem,was the name.I didnt see any problem,It doest take a brain child to figure out ( little sturgus bike rallie,)-and ( the big one in sturgus s.d-was 2 differnt rallies,But needless to went to court,little sturgus lost,they had to rename it.Under the shadows of this law suit locals fewred the rallie would crumble,but that didnt happen.2011 ( bikers fest )was a hit.But with all the problems with the media,the suit-and the lack of advertiseing,if that wasnt enough,1 local restrant owner,And the owner of the property,at the entrance of the event,disided they wernt takeing any chances,they disided they were gonna screw some venders out of there money,before they took a potential loss,if the event failed.1 guy in paticular has done music,karaoked in the past at the restrant,last year was a sucessfull year,As the rallie grew near,the new owners of the restrant now called (BIG-Gs-DEW DROP INN )-Hired me to come in and do the same thing.He was afraid with all the rumers floating around about the rallie,flopping,that he couldnt pay my normal fee.for the 4 days,so i made him a deal.allow me to set up and sell my flags and hats,i would do the dj-ing for half price,-he agreed,deal was my problem is im old school.and with our country in the shape its in ,econnime wise,i still believe people are generally good americans.i come from a family who believes the good old fastion hand shake,is as binding as a contract.So after our meeting,i shook his hand and left.The day before the rallie i called him,told him when id be there.Thats when my problems began.he told me he had a guy locally said he would karaoke for free,it went down hill from there.i told him if he wanted to karaoke good,ill let him use my stuff.besides ill be on stage in 100deg heat all day and night,every day of the event,i liked the idea,But it got worse,he then proceeded to tell me he cant pay mefor doing it,but if i would do it for free,i could set up my flag and hat booth,beside the stage,and sell my stuff.i wasnt- happy but i reluctintly agreed.the next morning i arrived early.i had no help,me being paralised in both legs,dont make it any easyer,and my wife haveing cancer and other problems,added to it ,we started setting up.put up the tent,got the flags up ,hooked up pa system,got it all ready to we set things up-the owner and the property owner stood there watching us in 100 deg heat.come up had me make a few changes,after we got set up-the owner of the land and restrant owner came up said i had to pay them 175.00 to be able to sell my hats and flags,lol-i felt like i was gonna pass out,i couldnt believe they were doing this to me,it went from them oweing me money,to me oweing them.i didnt have 175.00 not wealthy,i live on  disabuilty,and they both new it.i had to tear everything down,and leave.and to make things worse,i didnt have enough gas to get back to henderson,ran out.that was a long ruff day.But i didnt no We had americans liveing here that could look you in the eyes and screw you.what ever happend to honor,I was raised y parents who told me.(A mans only as good ass his word )-now im stuck here with 100s of dollars worth of biker flags and stuff,i cant sell.i invested way more than i should have on this guys restrant,advertiseing for him,makeing sure his 1st rallie was a sucess.well good for him,his was ,he made 1000s-i lost about everything.I hope hes happy,as for him being in busness much longer,i dought it vary can only screw people so much,it will catch up with you.all i can say tri-state,avoid ( BIG Gs-DEW DROP INN )I sturgus kentucky.there not good people,Besides how many restrants have you ate at were the cooks-and waitresses are smokeing while prepareing your food,thats nasty.Well im done thats my story,and im sticking to it.ill servive,ive been screwed a fighter.but unless this man pays me my losses,even thnough our agreement wasnt on contract,in my eyes a hand shack is just as binding.i lost 100s of dollars,on him.i dont exspect it all.but unless he trys,i will advertise for him all year,hillbilly style.with our country in the shape its in ,and money being tight,If your known to everyone as a person who dont stand to his word,your nothing,your only as good as your word.try liveing that way.

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