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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who Gets Hurt By Shutting Down The Goverment,And Who Dont.,Will America Collaps If Goverment Shuts Down.

Today more than anything,The dissions made by our leaders,have more effect than any other time.Today more than anytime in the past,The american people are watching vary closely what there leaders are doing and saying.Last novembers election proved that.WE THE PEOPLE,Fired the left,and impowerd the right.But for some unknown reason,the republicans didnt get it,after a land slide victory handed to them bt the people,they still are not lissioning to us.We The People,have openly stated ,we do not want the debt ceiling raised,we want smaller goverment,less spending,and we want jobs.This means we want all of the above,no compromiseing.We have obama strung up by his balls right now,if the republicans give in and compromise with him ,its over.Mr speeker you need to get your ears cleaned out,If you give obama anything he wants,your finished,Our multi trillion dollar debt was created by the demicrats,but im startig to believe your in bed with obama,Its time you get out of obamas and michels bed,and start new taxes on big busness,none,let these companys know your with them,back off rich americans,but there is a way to fix this econnime,with out raiseing our taxes and rich americans,America knows were our breads butterd,the left has no clue to what there doing,there going after low income americans who have been raised to live of the will be hard to convince this lazy class of people to go to work,So buy obama promiseing them a free ride,will get him realected,think long and hard ,shut-down the goverment-if you  have to,you no and i no-a goverment shut  down wont cripple this country,obama likes to use class war fare,against us and wont work.our goverment will contine to run,he threatined to not pay the military,thats bull-shit we all no that.they will get paid,instead of not paying the millitary,he can cut his pet pieve groups he funds,we have a steady flow of revinue,we will continue to run,the (goverment is to big,shut down goverment),fire his un needed zars,shut down stuppid goverment agencys we dont need,theres plenty of places to cut,(((stop useing the military as a battle tool,or socail security.)))now if you dummies up there in washington cant figure out how to cut spending,contact me,ill show you,it really isnt that hard to figure me americas wakeing up.if you give in to obama.shit will hit the fan,and you republicans who sided with obama will be fired,think long and hard my republican friends,your asses are out of here you give in.obama is week,battle worren,dont back off,shut it down if he refuses to except your deal.( give all busnesses a long term agreement that you wount tax them into bank rupsy,)-( allow the oil industry to drill it can and will be done ,without harming the inviroment,-this alone will drop gas prices immediatly,,and cost of liveing will drop right now.our economic hard-ships you dummies in washington,are putting on us would stop.  in a few months you do this.all our problems would end -if you back off,Obamas hell  distroy america,its plane to see.your up there as our employs-to stop him,stop him now.Dont force us ,( we the people ) To take matters into our own hands,do your job.america will be strong again,with your help or without it.heres a few hints to fix this country,if your still to stuppid to understand what im about to say,contact me,ill help you understand. 1.) back of this green job bull-shit,nobody wants it except a few rich americans,who will proffit from it,most americans cant afford to buy electrict cars,so back off,                                                             2)-drop the oil band,allow american oil companys to drill-this will create millions of jobs world wide.We must and can drill our own oil,and not have to buy over seas this asap.gas will drop over night,and our cost of liveing will drop over night,thus killing obamas resetion he has braught on us.                                            3)-deport all illegal alliens obama secrity allowed in,this alone will free up millions of american jobs.if they not here legally,get um out.the american people will never go for amnisty to these people.deport um now,deprive obama of hid illegal votes in nov of 2012.                                                                                                   4)-close our borders,bring home our troops,only keep troops in our allies countrys,manly isreal.we must defend isreal at all costs,                                                                                                                             5)-obama has invited millions of his islamic brothers here,to live,obamas dream of america being sharea based country,must end right now,this is gods country,nobody eleses,get these muslum terrist out of this country,dont care how you do it,just do it,if you cant do the job,back of and allow us to do your job,we can handle it.     6)-last but not least,You must set up a panal to investigate,obama and his countrter parts,reid,polosie and any demicrate or republican who cast a yes vote,in support of any of obamas scams.and if the law allows it,exicute any and all politions who can be charged with treason.we are at war,anybody charged with treason during war time,is exicuted,this means anybody.exspecaillt a presadint we trusted to lead us.                       Know ive laid-it out for you,ive given you a path to fallow,if you choose to fallow what ive laid out,we will make it,if you choose not to,we will be forced to take matters into our own diside,we curently have 2 politically strong partys,,(DEMICRATS )-AND ( REPUBLICANS )If you fail us we Will have 1 politically stong party,Its called the   (TEAPARTY )-The peoples diside.

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