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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goverment Waste At Its Finest,-225,000,000.00 Houseing Prodject,With Money Taken From Socail Security Trust Fund.-To House Illegal Mexicans,And Non Tax Paying ,illegals.This Is Just 1 of Many Illegal Projects Ok-ed By Obama,and His Administration.

America The Story your about to read ,you need to know took place since obamas election,this paticular unit was built in tacoma washing,this is just 1.This low income houseing prodject was built strickly for illegal mexicans,and refuges who pay no taxes,and are here illegally.And you wander why were broke.This unit was built last year at a cost to american tax payers and the socail security trust fund,of 225,000,000.00,,,there are about 1600 units,at the speed of 35 mph it takes 5 min to drive the length of it.All cars and trucks in this unite are late modle 2008 and newer,most are suv,s.America all the money came from the socail security trust fund,sighned and cleared buy present obama.And to make it worse,no americans live here,there all from mexico,japan and korea,non pay taxes,all collect a 2600.00 welfar check from the state.And it gets worse,the presedent has allowed it to be legal for these non american muchers to use there food stamps as real money in the casinos.Im sure low income americans who are still waiting for this free money obama promised them will be glad to no-that there presedent they elected has choosen to give your money and there free money to the illegals in this country,instead of helpping a real american.America i hope this wakes you up fast,This president has lied and cheated the american people.but most of all the low income americans who voted for him got screwed.America plz post and repost this artical everywere,get the word out,show the obama supporters that this communist pig-lied to us all,and this alone should cost him his reilection bid,this is varifiable,undisputed proff,obama is on a mission to distroy this country,and the demicrates who support him,should be fired and jailed,this tacoma prodject is built illegally for illegals,the money was taken from the socail security trust fund.illegally,that money was not to be touched.but they did it,now its broke,our countrys 14 trillion dollars in debt,and any polition tied to this tacoma deal-and the many other shady deals out there.they should be jailed.yes america was due to have a black president,but people you elected the  wrong person.

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Ruk9p said...

The REAL problem is not President Obama or the Democrats, or the Republicans, nor the Tea Party.

Virtually all of what is reported by the media regarding what is happening in Washington DC is edited, spun and controlled (by whom exactly?) to manipulate us with the goal of perpetuating the Us vs. Them mentality that keeps most of the populace blaming the other side for the lies and BS that are SOP for BOTH sides of the aisle. The fact of the matter is that all Federal happenings in DC are pure, absolute, and complete "Political Theater" whose few truly objective observers are fast learning that the REAL dynamic in play is one of the GOP in collusion with the Democrats VERSUS the US Taxpayer, and subjugation of the only "free" nation on Earth so Big Brother can export the misery they are harvesting here to the rest of the globe is the only goal and eventual measure of success.

Haven't you noticed that at a time (created by predecessors to Obama and the Anointed One himself in pursuit of an unstated agenda) that have put our nation and the rest of the global economy on the very brink of economic implosion that each and every one of our supposed saviors in the GOP and the Tea Party have suddenly turned into the worst kind of cowards? Literally, all John Boehner and the rest of the GOP had to do in order to scuttle the Obama Presidency and install Joe Biden as a placeholder, WAS TO SIMPLY TELL THE TRUTH about President Obama and his ever growing illegal BS that the GOP was "forced" to co-sign and let public opinion take its course. A single paragraph would easily get the "Jail Obama!" movement rolling, but....

What did we get? A Speaker of the House more afraid of being called a few names in the media for standing up for the 307 million souls his party "represents" by simply telling the truth of what he knows. But he's more afraid of damaging his chances for re-election than he is of We The People, who are armed, but (by design) are too indolent and suffering from cognitive dissonance, and busy escaping it all within their video games, booze or drugs to water the tree of liberty while they collectively "take out the trash".

Each and every elected Federal Representative (all 575) as well as their staffs, and those in high-level management positions needs to do one of two things. Find another job immediately, or eventually the American people will anger and those listed above will begin to die and not stop dying until both houses are clean enough to walk through without worry of the stench of the feces of "business as usual" returning for at least 100 years. Eventually, they will re-learn to fear the populace, and we will re-learn that freedom is not free, and the price has been raised sharply in the past 25 years on purpose.

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