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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obamas Well Armed Civilion Army-Ended Up Being The Mexican Drug Cartels.America Your Presidents About To Have You Murderd,Soon,Marshal Law Iminate.If Obamas Not Arrested(( Soon,))Our Country Will Become A Killing Field.

America were headed for a flat out war.while obama runs the country side-keeping the american people preocupied,his atf -is secritly arming the mexican cartels,FAST AND FURIOUS.,Is just that.Obama has just sent 1000s of high powerd guns,and auto-matic rifles to the drug cartels,why in the name of god would he do this.unless theres a reason behind it.And ill bet i no the reason.Obamas popularity has dropped big time.Obamas not a man who will give up his rain.He reliseses hes a 1 term president,but yet he still walks on the constatution like its not there.and the american people are just kicked back-not even giveing a shit.Do you relise america-this could be the well armed civilion army he told us about.think-he said  (We need a well armed-civilion army-armed as  well as the military.)his words not mine.Theres a catch here,he didnt say american civilions did he,he just gave 1000s of high powerd rifles to the nastyest meanist drug-cartels on the planet,these thugs behead civilions like its a cake walk.did anybody ever think-this could be his civilion army he was talking about,why were watching the radical islamists that are in america-hes behind our backs arming his real army,dear god in heaven america-its about to get vary,vary,bloody.your not brave enough to impeach this trator,so he will fallow threw-were about to get slaughterd by these cartel-and the islamic terrist already liveing here.this is why obama has no fear of recorse from us or congress-the left is in on it,and it looks like the republicans are to.the truth is there in the wide open,does anybody see the republican controled house impeaching him,does anybody here these republicans calling for the removal of obama-and his corrupt staff,no you dont,because they must be in on it.america for the sake of our country,our children ,and our way of life,you better wake up-insist-this evil mfer be jailed right now.if you dont were all gonna be in the middle of obamas killing fields.jesus people its all there-wake up.

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