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Monday, June 20, 2011

Obamas War With God Rages On,-Who Is This Man Who Thinks He Can Defeat God-Weres is God Fallowers,Weres the American Outrage.I Think I Now

Never before in history has 1 man ever stood out against good in this world as (barrack hussane obama.).never before has 1 man thought he was more powerful than our creator,but This man does.Never before in our history has A man come from no-were and completely dismantaled a country at its core,never in history has a political party,completely feel to there knees to a man ,who clamed to be there savior,there warrior.there leader.The demicratice party has completely been taken over by radical left-wing exstreamist,And our country is in there cross hairs.What has AMERICA done to be put in the path of distruction.Why do the american people just sit there and allow this cult leader to infiltrate and distroy the moral fiber of this nation.Why does the republican party ,who now controls the house,allow this man to continue on this path.Its come  down to ((good  verses evil-and god verses obama ))Its in the constatution,that no man shall run for the highest office in the land,if hes not  american .But yet this man,and the demicratic party managed to shreed the constatution,and get him elected.After the 2010 mid term elections,the american people once again stood up and said enough,putting the republicans in power,over 40 of them ,teaparty canadates.This royle routing of the demicratic party shoulda opened a lot of eyes,but it didnt.Obamas still stepping on our constatution,powerful demicrates like polosies net worth has more than doubled in 2 years,the money this modern day robin hood promised the goverment dependent welfare recipiants free money and wealth,never came.the 4 trillion dollars obama has spent went not to create jobs,it didnt go to the poor,it didnt go help create jobs,it went to the rich and powefull who supported obamas election.obama has lied,to the american people,But these brain-washed left handed voters,still look at obama ,as god-there savior.who is this man ,who can steam role over anybody he wants,do any thing he wannts,and people still kiss his feet.America better wake up.this man is evil.he has systematical removed god from almost ever part of our goverment,Our laws were created with our true savior in mind,jesus christ has been our rock since the begging of time.but today hes being stepped on,ridiculed,defaced,and spit on.America this man isnt god-why do you allow him to distroy us,why do you allow a man who once wore a turban lead our country to its death.why are you allowing our god to be crusified once again.were a few months of being in a no return cituation.nbc-cbs-msnbc-has joined obama in this evil take over of this country,before i end this artical ,keep 1 thing in mind,our freedom came at a big cost of life,our laws are natural laws,meaning (Gods Law.)-it took 100s of years to get this freedom we injoy.If we loose it,it will take yearss to get it back.are you willing to allow obama and the left distroy god and our freedom,for a goverment dependent life style,are you willing to distroy your childrens future of a free country,for that free ride today.are you,america,have you forgotten that 1000s died for you,so you can live free to build the american dream,rise up now america,demicrates and republicans,your a few months from total socailist rule,and god will no-longer be allowed in our life.think real hard america,think real hard.

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