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Thursday, June 23, 2011

(A.T.Fs-FAST AND FURIOUS)-Was Intentional-Obama Has Just Armed His Civlion Army.Obamas Left With 2 Questions,( RISK LOOSEING )-2012 election-(And go to jail )-Or (CREATE )-A Disaster-And Issue (MARSHAL LAW)-And Become Our Ruler.(This Is A Vary Real Stenerio)--(WHAT WOULD YOU DO-IF YOU WERE IN HIS SHOES)

America were at a cross road in american history-The dissions we make this summer,not in 2012-will determine our future.Today obama orderd-our oil reserves to be used.Why would this happen.were in no oil crises.why has obama done what hes done,Were going to (WAR )-THIS SELF APPOINTED GOD HAS SET US UP.prepare your self america,arm yourself,forget demicrates-there brainwashed,prepare now friends.obama should have been impeached long ago.hes not-this means the right is in on it,they have to be.weve been sold out america,to communisum,you elected him,it was up to you to fire him,-you failed,now we must deal with his plans for us.On the campain trail he told us we needed a well armed civilion army,we couldnt understand why,because we have a army,we have our national gaurd,why would we need civilions armed to the hilt.I think it plane to see now isnt it.Hes setting us up against each other,by doing this when our country is so divided,will cause hate and trouble between us,causeing unrest amoung americans.I hope you beilive me and i hope im exsplaneing it as clear as i can.2012 election were waiting for will never happen,trust then obama and the crooked politions on the left no they  will be thrown out of power.they wont allow this,,Theres only 1 constatutional way to remain in power,And thats marshal law.Inorder for a presidental executive or of marshal law to be issued,the people of that country must have unrest,must be rioting on the streets,the country must be in turmoil.Obama must create this turmoil fast,what will he do to start this crap.hes already done it,everythings now in place.2 million plus muslums in our country,31 terrist training camps are in full operation in america ,under the protection of the us constatution,and the fedral goverment,protected under the freedom of religion act.and to our southern borders-we have heavally armed drug cartels armed by powerfull armes,supplyed by obama and our att general -eric holder.Yes america.,(FAST AND FURIOUS )-Was a set up-think about the name,theres a reason such a operation would be named this.-this is a time sentitive situation for obama.our nation is divided,our enommies live amoung us.our birthday as a nation is comeing soon.our indapendence day,has been our vary morel fiber-of survival.that could be the day-the slap in the face this muslum president has in mind.eather way hes set us up-war in america is friends prepare your self.god help us,and i say this because never in american history has a political party been brain-washed to turn against there should off hit the streets in massases,and orderd him to step-down,i think now its to we must now depend on each other for servival.god help this country.

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