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Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Has Betrayed Isreal-But Should Fear God More-( YOU DONT SPIT IN GODS FACE )-And Get Away With It.-AMERICAN WILL FINALLY UNITE.-read story

                                                                                                                                                              GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD -THAT HE GAVE- HIS SON AT THE CROSS,SO WE WOULD BE SAVED,                                                                                                                                               What greater gift can 1 give.What greater love can 1 show,Than to sacrafice his son for us.Today the leader of the free world-discraced the intire christain religion,and the people of this world,by throwing isreal under the bus.Who does this man think he is.He tells us to except his muslum religion,but turns around and dams our religion.He did more than throw isreal under the bus,(HE THREW GOD UNDER THE BUS.)-To day America seen what obamas real motives are here,By obama telling isreal to give back there land to the 60s borders-and giveing this land to the vary terrist-whos goals are (THE TOTAL DISTRUTION OF ISREAL )-This is un forgivable.Eventhe left wing radical demicrates have some desent christians left,This ego-act-of self appointed god of the world,Has finally united this country.Finally obamas true colors has came to lite.Finally obama has shot himself in his own foot.                                                                                      NO APPOLIGIES-WILL HELP HIM NOW.As americans were divided as a country.But were united as to Who our god is.Obama Under the laws provided to us by our founding fathers,you will be removed As our leader,asap.You nolong represent the american people.As of right now your fired.We will no longer put up with your distructive path-youve put our country on.You told the ((egyption  president..he must step down,because his people no longer want him.))-Well mr president,your people no-longer trust or want you.Plz youve already done to much damage to our country,STEP DOWN NOW.So we can beggin rebuilding our beloved country.If you dont,GOD might have mersie on you.But WE Wont.Youve spit in our face and our god.YOU ARE FINISHED.

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