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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Letter To The President Of The United States Of America

Mr president,from the min you stepped onto the political stage,I new your were evil-But i prayed That The demicrates who supported you would open there eyes and see what you really were,But after watching them,and your cabnet,slam,unwanted bills,create unwanted laws,after i seen you strike down laws you didnt like,i relised,then and were our enommie,not our president.I relised then,you were nothing but a puppit,being controlled by treasonist americans,pushing this great country into a socailist goverment.we are a republic,We will never stand for you or anybody else,to attempt to change this great country into the 1 world order you dream about.Ive watched you traval the world appoligiseing for what you called bad deads you think weve done.i dont appreate you lieing to the world telling them that america was sorry for what weve done.were not sorry.The day america is sorry for allowing people to be free,the day were sorry for protecting people being brutalised my dictators and tyrents like sadam hussane,or you,the day we are sorry because we feel anybody who wishes to be free,can and should be free.when that day comes,well all ill say.our creater will be here.untill our god-not your comes back to take us home,we will never be sorry,for doing gods work.god made us free,we intend on keeping that way.Today mr commited the most horendace crime any president or citizon can turned your back on isreal-you threw gods people under the bus-you told isreal to give there land to the terrist,you told gods people to turn over gods tomb to gods enommie.Today i relised your not and american would of never said and done what you did,you betrayed us the american people=and you betrayed our god.This is a sin,thats un forgiveable.As of today mr obama,you gave up the right to be our president,So today i respectfully ask the name of our lord ( jesus christ)-not yours,To step down,you no longer have the support of the american people.If youll step down now,As compasionet americans,we will allow you to leave this country,If you dont,by the powers given to us by our founding fathers,we will trial you as a treasonist-and trater to our for your cabnet,and a big part the the demicratic party,take um with you.because if they dont step down now,and leave with will all be 1 big happy family in a  fedral prison.Today is the begginig of the end for you.step down now.or suffer the rath of the american the power given to us by our constatution.leave now.

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