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Saturday, May 21, 2011


WELL ANOTHER PREACHER MISSED A DATE.GOD DIDNT COME.WE MUST NOW FOCUS ON THE ANTI-CHRIST-AND HIS  1,000,000,00- -TERRIST FRIENDS COMEING TO OUR CAPITAL,JULY 4TH,(ON OUR BIRTH-DAY )_I dont think so.America were in tuff times,scary times,Our country has been over run byillegal mexicans,and muslum terrists,our boarders are still open.there 32 open terrist training camps-in full operation in our country,under the protection of our president,The same guy who says our constatution is nothing but a out dated piece of paper,is use 1 law he likes ( for now )hes useing our freedom off religion act ,,To protect these terrist and allowing them to train.i no this to be true,because i seen 1 of them,in dover all places.A nice secluded 100 acre plot of land ,were they train to kill americans,Friend this guy is a threat to our national security,and we can forget on depending on secrite service to do the american thing,obama has replaced any service member he dont trust.were on our own.july 4th,2011,on our birthday obama has invited 1,000,000,000 terrist to rallie at the capital.This is a slap in every americans face.freedom as we new it left when obama took office,now we must act if were to servive.we must exersise what freedoms and rights we have left,asap.we must counter these terrist in washington.but it could also be a trap-with this many muslums in 1 spot it counld be the begging of the end for us.My biggist fear is that -the tea party plans to counter these animals,and whats to say under these burkas and rags-there aint guns,booms,and other missalaneace toys.friends the teaparty might be getting set up for a massaqer.Im getting nurvis because the teaparty wont be armed,theyll be sitting ducks.we must stop this rallie before it starts,we must organise now-and if we get the #s-obama will have to lission.i want everybody in every state to organise a counter rallue at there capitals,if you can afford to go to dc-you must go-its the american thing to do.if its a trap-we will be ready.So if you can organise starting now.plz no violence unless it is a trap.if they pull i knife-we pull a sword-they pull a gun-well pull a cannon-they want a war-we will send them there 27 virgans.We must take back our beloved country friends,when obama turned on isreal-i new then what this mans goals are.LET THE REVOLUTION BEGGIN.                                                                                   Theres a active group on facebook organiseing a movement to counter these anti-american muzys,and show our muslum-president,that this rallie is wrong ,and its a slap-in the american prople face.It is to show obama,we mean busness,and we want this rallie stopped.Besides in my oppion i feel its a trap.i feel obama dont care what we think,hes a muslum,and i feel-This is his idea.To stur -up violence,so he can issuse marshal law,thus nulling,any 2012 elections,thus giveing him full power over us.un contested,and this un-wanted president will remain in power.America july 4th-our the perfict time to issue marshal law-this would be the altimate slap in the faces of the free people of this country.We must stop obama and his band of commie friends the header of this artical,it will take you to our facebook link.WE MUST STOP THIS RALLIE.

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