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Monday, May 23, 2011

SHEIK OBAMA Has Disided July 4th.Our Indapendence Day.As The Day He Strips Us Of Our Freedom,1 million muslums In washington On Our Birthday.Means 1 Thing.Obama Set Us Up.

America it looks like obama was right-when he called the american people a nation of cowards,he went threw our constatution like a paper shreader-brakeing more constatutional laws than all the presidents as far back as washington,and what did you do.absalutly nothing,you wined screams,yelled and blogged.but not 1 got off there asses.not 1.america,you should be ashamed of yourselfs,for allowing this criminal-to steal the presidency-and not stop had the constatution giveing you this right.but as sheik obama said 2 years ago-your a nation of cowards-and by doing nothing,you proved him right. Im so sick of this lieing scum-bag-as if his past wasnt shady enough,now heads this shit-wtf-is wrong with this country-why isnt the american people rioting in the streets-insisting this lieing ass scum-bag step down-in fact im so feed up-i want the chickin shit republicans to step down for being the cowards they are for not haveing him impeached the sad thing is,because of there lack of political balls-and there unabuilty-to even compete with backman and palin-they should step down if nothing else-because there,cowards.july 4th, shaik obama invited 1-mil-terrist to rallie at our white house,(( with out our permision ))i might add.these dam islamic rag-headed terrist bastards will be rubbing there religion-in our faces-on our thats whats baffled me.( these scum-bags we are at war with,who invites the enommie to your door step for tea.america im ashamed of you people-obama just slapped us in our faces-and you still are not on the streets raiseing hell.july 4th-1,000,000,000 muslums will be at our state capital-has anybody even cared to think-what if these bastards are you relise this being our indapendence day-could vary well be our last day of indapendence-have you people ever thought of that.6 weeks from now we could vary well be under marshal law-this could vary well be obama and the demicrates plan all along.theres a reason why this traderest demicratic party fears nothing,theres areason why this president,and these denicratic politions has shreaded our constatution,theres a reason why these left wing judges and supream court judges were picked by sheik obama-and confermed behind close doors on congresses brake.if youll put it all togeather,these left wing bastards just over threw our goverment right under our noses-has any off you thought of this,the republican party are trators-there no better than the left wing-they are eather retarted,and to stuppid to see what the dems just did-or there in on it-eather way-weve been betrayed by our own govement-now we only have 1 chance-our founding fathers seen this comeing,our founding fathers new most free americans are to fuckin stuppid to see there country stolen from thay gave us the 2nd amendment-this gives us the right to fight,for what theyve stolen from 6 weeks we will again be at war-because america was to stuppid and un-willing to stand up to these commies-now you got 2 chooses america-you could of stopped this ,but you were to addicted to your comp to get out there and raise hell and force them to step down,now you only got 1 thing left to do-no you got 2 chooses.get on your knees and blow thwse mfers-or load your guns and prepare to defend your diside-act like the french in the 2nd ww2-and jack off the enoommie-or stand up and be a dam american and fight-6 weeks people.6-weeks-ya better sellevery dam thing you got,and buy guns,guns,and more guns,and plenty of ammo-because when marshal law is invoced-your local stores will no longer be able to sell you ammo-jesus people-why didnt you get off your asses and stop these people.

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