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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goverment is again Broke-Gov-wants debt celling raised.-This is boehner and the republicans,Last Chance,to Stand firm.

Boehner,had a chance 2 months ago to stop the dems-and obama dead in there spending traxs,they promised us 100 billion in cuts,what did we get,When it was all said and done about16 million.less than 1% of our fed-debt.The tea party,sweep-the nation,gave the republican party,the largest land slide victory in history.The republican took control,And stopped obama free fall spending spree.Boehner and his republican counter parts,had a chance to finally stop obama,and failed.he failed the teaparty,and he failed the american people.latest poles show congress at 16% approval rateing,Youd think that would wake um up-but it didnt,Now here we are and obama and the goverment want more money.they want the debt ceiling to be raised again.Once again the republicans have a chance,to finally once and for all to stop obama and the dems-dead in there traxs.What will they do this time.This is there last shot at a chance to say no.and get us the cuts (( we the people )) are asking for.Use your last chance wisely mr boehner-the teaparty hired you,they can and will make you a 1 term speeker,you mess this up.Our goverment will not colaps,we wont have a catastraphic colaps of our econnime-the only colaps will be goverment spending.needed govwerment services will be left in place.unessary goverment jobs that obama created will no dought,get cut.obamas vacations will be cut.all nessary goverment jobs will be safe,our countrys not gonna be distroyed.,do not raise the debt ceiling,dont do guys up there in in washington are spoiled little bratts,your allowences are fixing to be cut,your unlimited exspence accounts are about to be cut.fare warning mr boehner-you raise the debt ceiling,you and any republican who voted to raise it are threw,and trust me-ill post every one of your names and how you voted.

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