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Thursday, May 12, 2011


America were a few weeks away,from total a complete meltdown of our country.We have been lied to,our low income americans has been used and minipulated,into believeing a vote for obama,is a vote for change.He lied,Obamas (( YES WE CAN )) Speech was a well crafted,carfully orcastrated speech,to mislead-the american voter. And it worked.,Obama might be the president on paper,But thats all.Obamas nothing but a puppit.being lead by a chain.This is so openly seen in about everything he does.America open your eyes right now,theres no time to think anymore.Obamas administration and cabnet has been carfully picked,they all have the same communist views.America we have been over thrown from with in.,If we dont act now were finished.Im pleading with you as a fellow american as your friend,your nabor.Our countrys finished if we dont act now.Ill Attemp to prove it,obamas a scum-bag with a grudge against america ,and our capitalist ideas.                                                                                                                                                           (1).He promised and campained on leading you to believe,he wanted to take money from rich americans,and distribute it out to the needy americans,(well did you get this money )nope,you got a stimulas ck of 250.00-the rest went to his rich supporters,and donors.unions,ect.he lied to us.                                    (2)-next is the most openly diseveing lie-(oil ) -gas prices dictate on how well our country ,grows,gas prices dictate every angle of our econnime,because our cost of liveing day,by day,depends on how much our food and goods cost us.our food alone has jumped 30% since obams took office ,why,how can this happen.easy answer america,gas prices has jumped 100% since obams took office,why,because he stopped in his 1st month,all oil drilling,the golf coast disaster was a excuse he needed to shut down oil production,in fact it was so convientunt im begging to believe ,he had something to do with it.think about it america,it took obama over 2 months to really respond to this disaster why,BP-Was let off the hook-Americans effected in the golf region are still waiting for there we went 30 yrs without a magor oil miss-hap,all of a sudden ,here comes obama-pushing his green agenda.trying to force us into buying electric cars-we cant afford to buy.wind turbines-to generate electricity.with will cost us twice as much to buy as gas-and coal heat.and the latest joke-obamas concidering closeing down more drilling to save a indangerd lizard,lol-a lizard is more importent than us americans.unreal.DRILL BABY DRILL,DRILL BABY DRILL.Drillng will bring our oil and gas prices down with in the week,We must drill.think about this america,why would a person say drilling is bad for the invirment,and stop our country from drilling,and gave billions to other goverments to drill for us,why.So you can see its all a sham-if there worried about oil spills,good,-stop makeing oil companys drill 10 miles of shore and 2 miles under water-and let them drill on land-were spills can be easly controled.ive never heard of a oil disaster of any size on land,ive seen plenty of catastrapic oil disasters off shore.jesus even a un educated idiot like me can figure that out.                                                                                                             America what im trying to say is ,(weve been screwed )by our own goverment.We must stop them.You cant love your country and openly distroy it like this obama administration is.obama needs the lower income american to support him ,if he can continue his obliteration of our country.We have to stop him now.Im not a reporter,nothing like that,i live on and depend on my disabuilty to live and paralized,and walk with the use of just a worried american.The cost of liveing has jumpedover 30% in the past few yrs,,ive not had a cost of liveing increase in past 3 years.Its like the goverment is trying to distroy and starve,me and millions like me who depend on socail security.So you see america,i see 1st hand what obamas doing,im a demicrate,But i do not support this communist puppit.our countrys being distroyed by un-american punks like,(george soros)-(valorie garett-and her husband)-and many,many,more cabnet members,obama illegally appointed,by excutive order.we were shamed america,we must stop these anti-american punks right now.why we still pleeding to the low income americans,and black americans..Obama is a fraud,hes lied to you,he decieved you.This isnt a race thing,its a american thing,were free americans for now,in a few short months we wont be.stop him now while we still can.i was excited that we finally had a black president.But it didnt take me long to figure out ,we elected the wrong 1,there so many wanderfull black canadates out there we coulda elected,plz america dont let this idiot we elected put a bad taste in your mouth,we messed up yes ,but theres a chance here to repare and fix this mistake.we have black politions out there like (allan west )-and many many more who are good honorable men and women.lets fix america while we still can.start off right now by hitting obama were it will hurt the worse,(( GAS STRIKE ))-Right now,if we uite it will crippel-the goverment fast-it will forse our politions to lission ,then you order obama to step down,for the good of the country.We can do this america,(YES WE CAN )-THIS WILL BRING REAL CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

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