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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Had Enough America-(( It Time To Stand Up For Ourselfs )) GAS-STRIKE -Walk,Ride Horses,bikes,Anything but your car.(STOP OBAMA NOW)-His lies Are About To Distroy Our Country

Americans have been lied to,minipulated,pushed around for decades,allowing our goverment,and rich oil companys and wall street-We have trusted goverment to do the right thing for years,As (we the people )go on with life,as if we dont have a worrie in the world.Well america.We do have a worrie,its called inflation.The in compatent politions we put in office has distroyed our econnime,There inabuilty to make the politically correct responces has turned america on its ears,politics has become a power struggle,These arregent politications have lost touch with main street america.Because of our lack of holding our elected officals feet to the fire,we ended up with  OBAMA.The yes we can canadate,who used poor america,illegal mexicans,welfare dependent people who live day by day depending on goverment hand outs.This part of america was his strongest base.Now 2 yrs into obamas term,his popularity plumited,because americans were wakeing up to his lies.This ben laden popularity boost-is only temperary.Peoples stomics-will dictate how they vote.OBAMA  relises hes in trouble,and the left wing base,knows to.for the next 15 month,there will bemore lies,more free money handed out,and a attempt to make 10 million mexicans legal, americans.if this imagration bill passes,thats ex what will happen.In the mean time OBAMA has the econnime to worrie about.his refusal to allow our own oil companys to drill has caused gas to spike over 5.00 a gal on the left here in the heart land,This 25 cent over night spike in gas ,at area stations,will force our food costs to sky-rockit.America When will you say enough.and OBAMAS not finished yet.Theres a bill in congress now saying tht oil drill might harm a indangerd america the exstreem left demicrats are asking that oil drilling in this region be if our gas isnt high enough.Its out of control america,and there nobody to blame but voted these people into created this problem by electing comunity organisers,into office ,rich americans,you elected them but what they said and not what theyve done.and walla ,this is what you get,THE MOST ,Corrupt president in history.there will be no 2012 elections,nope,obama nows his ass and several of his corrupt cabnet members are headed for prison.theyll stop at nothing to make sure this election never happens.Theres only 1 way out of this AMERICA.only 1 way.You must make the biggest ,most importent dission of your must insist this corrupt administration seps down right now.only must stand up for yourself,your family,your friends,your grand kids,If you dont act now.there wont be a free america in2 must diside now.We dont have to use guns to retake our country bck ,,yet.,we still have our rights as americans to protest.protest,call a gas strike right now,refuse to drive.put this country to a complete stand still.((money talks,bull-shit walks.))-strike right now,and ask OBAMA  To step down,,asap.this is our only hope america.To many things are about to happen,theres 3-million muslum terrist in america ready to kill you,all there waiting on is the word from there leader.its gonna be given vary soon,i got my ideas who there leader up america defend yourselfs,before its to late.were all about to suffer if you dont for once in your life,do whats right.

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