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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Far Will Obama Go To Be Re-elected-Will His Big Mouth,Cause Americans To Die,specail opps team fears for there lives,plus Obamas Grandmother Threatened.

2012 elections is still 16 months away,And its already dominateing the air-ways,huckabee says no,sarah still thinking,backman will anounce at the end of the month.Ron paul is in,,and many more thinking.This leaves the republican party still with no clear front runner.Obama has nobody to appose him,so we no who the dems front runner is.So obama being un contested you would think he has all the time in the world to try to act like a president,but not obama,for some reason he thinks he needs to start campaining now.Our un imployment on a national level is 9.5%-our gas prices has spiked to 4-and 5.00-a gals,,cost of liveing has doubled.,millions of americans cant go on vacation,this year because they cant afford it.with all this going on,and the nation is looking at the president for help.whats he doing,,Hes take a nation wide victory lap,bragging he killed ben laden.after he tells the world he wont reliese the pictures of ben ladens exicution,for security reasons.that was a good idea.but 3 days latter his cabnet started leaking top secrite information into the public.why would he he this,                                                                                                                                                         Well its really a no brainer,his ambitions to be realected is the reason.untill now top secrete-ment just that-to secrete.But then again ,america has never had a president quit ( barrak hussain obama ) obama has admited once being a muslum,but now converted to christain,we all i can say is bull-shit.anybody who nows the muslum religion knows you never leave this religion.the muslum religion is like the mafia family.once your in ,your way out except 1 way.a box.So im sure the left believes this crap-because there about as smart ass a possum trying to cross a road.its a suicide mission.but the everyday educated american with any smarts no,obamas nothing but a lier,hes to faced,who will say anything to get relected.he lied to get elected,hes lieing to get relected.Only difference this go around,obama is sacraficesing american lives,and his own family.                                                                                                                                                   Obama is useing the obama killing as a campain keeping the info on the raid top-secrete,obama couldnt talk about it.So what happens,the top secrete leak fest has begun.Now obama can tour the nation bragging about how he killed ben laden single handedly,I wander when hell start telling the world ( i looked him in the eyes,and told him this is for the  american people ))-then i blew his head off .obama has no morels,hell do anything to get re-elected.By leaking this info,he has put the lives of our special opps in danger,and there families.these brave soldiers have been speeking out to plz stop,but obama doesnt care,about them,only his re-election bid.But it goes even deeper we find out his grand mother is now under police protection from exstream terrist groups vowing revenge.His grand mother has been threatend by alkida in africa.that she will die because of her grand sons order to kill ben laden.America this man scares me,theres nothing he will do or say to get re-elected.                                                                We must stand up-obamas out of control.the left is out of control.and the america public is being sacraficed for his quest to be re-elected.if obama will sacrafice his own grand mother.this man would sacrafice us at a drop of the hat.were in trouble.and to top all this i was lission to a guy on Coast to Coast radio talk show,last night,(( id recommend everybody go there and check this guy out,))-he showed proff that obama,soros and the elete-rich in the world has targeted the us for distrution.there goal is to distroy us and begin a (new world order )-weve always new there mission,but did you now that obama has a man on his staff that belives-75% of the american people must be exsterminated for this new world order to work.He has already moved his family and several other friends to south america.why.did you no george bush,buys 1000s of acers in paraguay-this countrys under military rule, soros owns millions of acers in s-america ,why.makes you wander dont it.He made a bold statement last night.that 75% of the american public will be exicuted,killed,murderd,or jailed,within the next 5-to-10 years,he says this summer somethings gonna happen that will change us forever,and start the ball roleing.combine all thats going on now,everything obama reuses to do ,refuseing to close borders,make million of illegals all makes sence.                                       Were slated for complete distruction.america will soon be no more.can we stop it.i dont no.we would have to exicute or assanate every socailistic person in the world,obama,soros,garett,clintons,the -list  goes on and on. it cant be afraid were done.5 years,thats not vary long off.thats why this next election is so importent,we must get it right.but we still have 1 more problem.many people predict marshal law will be put on us.this happens were elections-nothing.pray this doesnt happen.

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