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Friday, April 22, 2011

When Ronnie Caused The Iron Curtain To Fall In The Cold War// Donnie Steps Up And Starts Bring Down The Iron Curtain/Of The Left Wing Medias-Communist Party

Attacking Obama over his real estate dealings with convicted Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko

Donald Trump Breaks Through the MSM Iron Curtain

Billionaire Donald Trump may be a publicity junkie and questionable presidential material.  Athough who am I to say, just look at what we got right now—but he makes for one awesome Obama attack dog. With the self assurance that only money, power and celebrity can buy, Trump has been knocking down the walls the main stream media have erected around the President to expose parts of his background that liberals would prefer never see the light of day.
Trump has raised the issue regarding Obama’s birth certificate from conspiracy theory to legitimate topic of conversation. Finally someone has destroyed the false MSM narrative that a “Certificate of Live Birth” and a birth certificate are the same thing.
Last week Trump raised the stakes by attacking Obama over his real estate dealings with convicted Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko. While MSM reporters have been happily reporting the Trump birther issue, something they believe most Americans will just laugh away, they have not spent anywhere near the same energy publicizing Obama’s connections to Rezko, a story that could really hurt Obama should it become common knowledge.
There is no chuckling away Rezko’s purchase of the lot next to Obama’s Chicago home and the subsequent sale of a strip of land to Obama that “conferred a benefit by helping Obama obtain something he couldn’t otherwise afford”. In other words it was a payoff from a Chicago power player to an up and coming politician for services yet to be rendered. Already the MSM are circling the wagons on this story as a Google News search for “Trump and birther” shows 2,917 results while a search for “Trump and Rezko” yields only 13.
This past week CBS carried water for Obama once again by refusing to release the complete “hot mic” recording of his meeting with Democratic donors. It would seem CBS doesn’t want audio of the President referring “to a group of Americans as ‘slugs’” making it to the airwaves. One can only imagine how quickly it would have been released had the President been named Bush.
Trump has shown that direct confrontation with Obama is the best way forward in 2012 - Trump is only down 2 points to Obama in the latest Newsweek/Daily Beast poll. No longer can Republican candidates pull a John McCain and sit calmly on the sidelines while the liberal controlled media decides which Obama stories are newsworthy and which are not. The more Republicans expose of Obama’s shady past and unethical presidency to the American people, the better chance we have of putting the worst President in modern times behind us.


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