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Friday, April 22, 2011

American loveing patriots-YOUR Going after This commie President-In the Wrong Way,(( WANT TO DEFEAT THIS ISLAMIC PRESIDENT,)) tHIS ILLEGAL ALLIEN,-READ THIS-We can defeat this lieing anti-american

Were going about this all wrong,we can beat up obama ,reid,polosie,all day long,it wont do a dam bit of ,             ( good )-we must go after there support base.the ( brain dead voters )-there the ones who will get him re-elected.If were to stop these treasonists in there traxs,we must reach the voters,Go to them directly,show them were obamas lied to them,and show them ,were voteing because a ass-hole says hell give them a free ride for it ,sucks,he told them this 2 years ago-ask them if they got there free ride yet,ask them if there lifes is better now,ask them if this free temp money is worth distroying this country over.ask them how they intend on becomeing wealthy under a socailist goverment,that doesnt allow indipendent them obamas a lieing mfer.Show them obamas just the them how the left media is sleeping with obama,you must show these brain dead americans,theyve been lied to.It wont be me ,ive been trying,youll get discuraged to the point youll want to slap-these idiots.Just remember you will get farther with them handing them converting about 1 out of a start.If we all fallow this logic,we can defeat this bastard.hes a smooth talking have to show his voters were hes lieing,words dont work,demicrates are retarded,they must be lead by the hand,or they wont understand,(remember this saying,)-( you can lead a horse to water,but you cant make him drink.)-well the same with a brain dead dem,(( you can lead a dem-to the truth,but you cant force him to except it.)-the demicratic base in america has been party line voteing for years,why because they no nothing about politics-theye never been told like i was ,never fallow party lines,always no your polition and vote for whos best for the job,most dems just vote straight-lone party.this is what got us here voteing,this pratice must be stopped. ( I AM A DEMICRATE ) a VARY UP-SET DEM.i seen threw obamas bull-shit straight up.But as you now see,others didnt.The socailist movement has been slowly brain washing this generation,were 1 election away,from socailist rule,1 election away from out-right-civil war,We must stop these commies with-in the next few months,not on 2012 election,they must be stopped before.hit the streets america,go after the voter,stop messing around with the sorse,we will loose.the brain dead obama supporters are the key to victory,go after them.GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY,WITH HIS HELP WE WILL BE STRONG AGAIN.
Remember 1 thing my friends A lot of blood was lost ,to protect our freedom and this country,dont let it be in vain.Freedom Wasnt Free,America has been free to long,most forgot just how much was sacraficed,for them,even df demicrats,

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