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Friday, April 22, 2011



In case you haven't heard from the White House, the federal debt ceiling is at a point where it would be "armageddon-like" if we didn't raise it. Since some projections indicate that it needs to be increased by mid-May, don't you think our Representatives should be working diligently on a solution? Did you know that they are at home on a 2 week recess right now? If this is such a severe situation, why would they be home? Maybe the answer is that it isn't as catastrophic as the White House is making it sound.

On April 28, 2011, we are urging you to go visit your Representative and Senators at 12:30pm local time to express your concerns with impending fiscal disaster. Most recently the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President made "a DEAL" to adhere to our demands for spending cuts. We asked for $100 billion (2.6 pennies on the dollar) in cuts, instead they gave us $352 MILLION. Now is the time for you to visit with your elected officials to make a DEAL of your own. A DEAL in your own DISTRICT not in the District of Colombia.

Thousands of you have expressed your discontent with the actions of the current Congress. The class that was supposed to go in and push things back in the right direction has clearly been ineffective in doing so.

We know many of you are upset, you feel betrayed, and you are possibly ready to look onto 2012, but there are still major battles that must be fought with this Congress.  We will continue fighting those battles beginning next week. The Deal in the District will NOT be a protest. We will visit the offices, tell the Congressmen and Senators (and their staff) what deal we expect for the rest of this Congressional term, present them with a letter of our demands, and remind them that we are watching and we will hold them accountable.  

Where the Congressmen and Senators have been voting in line with our core values, we will thank them and ask them to keep fighting on our behalf in DC.   

Mark your calendars now for this Thursday, April 28, at 12:30 local time to visit your Congressman or Senators' local district and tell them what you expect of them

We will send out updates this weekend and early next week with action items, information about a tele town hall next Wednesday, and an updated Action Center that will give you the tools you need when visiting your elected officials.

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