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Monday, April 11, 2011

Population Control Threw Abortion ,Goverment Dependency,Total Control, Corruption,SOUNDS LIKE CHINA (Obama-Reid_polosie,) Are the most Corrupt Politions In History,CAN WE SAVE OURSELFS

Abortion has been at the top of the demictraic minds for years,planned parent hood has been the demictric pet peve for years,Abortion has been around for years,Has been a hottly contested subject since the 70s.Even though its murder.This is the organisation,that the dems,protected.Even though politions have tryed avoiding the subject,abortion still thrives,But out of everything else,late term abortions,are hotly contested,its the most crule way to kill a liveing baby,late term abortions are used to supposeable save a womens life.or raped-women.But even though its wrong,and god will condem any all involved.if a womens raped,why cary the baby to term,just to kill the little thing.why not do it why the babys still a seed,why wait till its got most all its feelings,sences,smell.taste.then go in and pinch its head off.then grab it with pliers like tools that go threw the babys body,and pull it out,then go back in and get the god in heaven,what kind of a person can do that.amagine the pain and suffering that poor little thing went threw before it finally died.demicrats have got to be the most heartless bunch of scum ive ever seen,and to hold up our troops pay,to assure they get there money to fund this stuff,is came up with a bill to keep the goverment going another week,and asured the military would be paid till next year.what obamma do,he new if they excepted that temp bill,the republicans came up with,he would surly loose his leverage,he had against the republicans,so he said he would veto-the bill.all this over assuring the baby killing factory was funded.they hallerd reublicans wer stopping women from getting cancer screaning,mamagrams,needed medical attention.lmao-this is proven and documented,last year 90% of medical procedures done were abortions. 90%,america the dems are doing nothing but fundind a baby killing must be stopped.these demicrats must pay dearly for there corrupt methods of doing busness,america was back doored by this congress,hell it looks like our prez isnt even legal.if he was legal,why would he spend 2 million dollars to keep it hid,whats he hideing,and it dont stop there,napalintano was att general,it was her and her corrupt office who sealed his records,and for doing this favor for obamma,shes made head of homeland,he just appointed a supream court judge.the same judge whos court of law was the 1 who orderd his records sealed,look it up.its there,for doing this favor,walla-shes appointed supream court conveniant.but it dont stop there,look at all the well known terists he assocaits with,(bill ayres) his radical family preacher,who hates america.his top zar ,jones ,who buy the way was found out and he walks away,how convenant.a commie as the prezes right hand it dont stop there,sorry theres more,during the campain,he promised change,hope transparency,he promised you he would be robin hood,and take from the rich,and spreed it around.made it sound like you were gonna get a lot of free money,that you wouldnt have to work for,,he promised you this if you voted him into office.well the people feel for it,drug addicted welfare resipeants flocked to the poles,in groves,everybody was so excited this good lookin black self apponited god of the demicratic paerty,was goona take the riches money and give it to them.welp,i dont no about you people,im still aiting,not seen a dime,and im disabled,some got 250 stimulas check,yip-free money,weres the rest,anybody see it yet,oh im sorry my demicratic friends,he lied to you,yes you elected him,but he seemed to of forgot that,because his real friends and suppoerters,the ones who gave him money well they got billions,and billions,and billions,unions-ya the well armed civilion army he told you about,opps,it was the union,the chicago mob.thats his private army,and you suckers feel for it hook line and sinker.infact he gave away so much money,he had to printmore,he printed,and printed,till our dollar went south,now look were broke,millions more americans on welfare,unemployment,hes made you completely dependent on goverment.he has single handedly distroyed our econnime in 1 year.his wifes been on numerace vacations,blowing your money he promised you demicrats,he goes on worls wide vacations,he took a once proid nation,and made us a laughing stalk.and the sad things,you still support him.lission up america,obamas a lier and theif,hes a crooked as swindler who lied his way into politics and the white house.all school records aresealed,birth certificate,his whole past is blocked ,do you really even now this man,whos leading this country,i hope you soon wake up america,were dieing here,not much time left.we wont servive to 2012.obama will issuse marshal law before say no way he has to have a reason,well america your gonna give him the reason vary soon.vary see our cost of liveing has skyrockited,this past year why,thats easy,the more money you barrow,the more money you print,the less that dollar is worth.this means the dollar will be so worthless in value you will be paying 20.-to 30 dollars for a load of bread soon,and to assure the inflation rises quickly,gas must go he stopped all drilling leases,no new leases,he gives 2 billion dollars to a country that hates us,tells them drill off shore,pump that oil,we will be ur number 1 customer,walla-gas sky-rockits.vary soon we will be paying 5-6 dollars a gal for gas,.3 times more than 2 yrs ago.whats this do-drives up fraight costs biggggg time,causeing stores to adjust prices to recoup there looses,here is were your bread goes to un goddly high prices,forceing busnesses to close,forceing farmers out of busness,forceing us to buy our food from people who want us were getting nurvis scared,hungry,we start stealing,fighting robbing our nabors,killing to servive,termoil brakes out,anarky brakes out,boom.marshal law is called.and socailisum is born.obama wins america looses.we have become slaves toour own stupidaty,because you fell for his lies,because you wouldnt turn on him,you wouldnt help us keep our one great nation.yes america,you are the cause of this.your the reason were in a recession,you will be at fault,if we go this far.its in your power to stop it all right here,you can continue believeing the great one.or you can believe in the majority of americans who can see whats happening,all you people on the left,you must stop lission to your retarded have been drunkin movie-stars,polosie,reid,obama,and help us.some of you are completely brain washed but i no there must be some of you left who still love this country,come back,before its to late,you michal moores,and code pinkers and all you unamerican traders,do us all a favor,plzzz kill us rom haveing to.we can still save this country,but you must act now,before its to late.

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