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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Politically Correct Politions,Avoiding Birtha Issue,My god Is Country Not More Importent,Than Yourselfs.(Weres Your Proff You Are a Legal American.) Not A Tuff Question

for some reason politions from the start has avoided this issue,and i dont understand why people think this is toxic-our constitution forbids anybody from running,unless there a natural born every single prez we ever had had to prove they were american.then walla out of nowere pops up this smooth talking black man,with a message,that he was our savior.then all of a sudden,our countrys divided,over birtha issuses,weres the disconnect here,weres the political stress point,republicans act like there on lithum,brain dead on this issue,weres his proff of birth,its been easy up till obama.why,why did he pay millions,(well the soros paid millions) to keep us from seeing this certificate. here we are 2 and a half years into his term,and nobodys,makeing the goverment fallow protocal.its the law.our constatution demands glad trump is out there digging up the dirt,because if hes right,and i think he is,donald trump woulda single handedly,saved this country.because if its truth,obama and the demicrats woulda pulled of the biggest political scam in history.but best of all ,obama would be jailed,most of the demicratic party,for treason.any and all laws pasted from day 1 will be null and void.defict gone,obamma care gone,the baby killing factory,(planned abortion hood )gone.eveything obama put a pin to gone,this includes millions of newly created gov jobs,zars,supream court appointed judges,all gone.donald trump would be the hero,for saveing america,while our ballist politions just sit there and give politically correct responces.people,we must stop sitting back,politically correct responces is what got us here in the 1st place.hell yes im proud of sarahfor speeking out on it,she needs to.shes smart,if donald want to do this ,god bless him,people say all trump wants is to protect his well being,and his busnesses,daaaaaaa,you all better hope he saves his company,its rich guys like him that create jobs,dam straight i hope he saves his billions,you no why if he he saves his billions,that means he has saved 1000ssssss of other rich bastards,who create jobs in america.trumps a great american,be thankfull hes not worried about being politically correct,lmao-the donald being politically correct,that will be the day.america needs to get off his ass,we need his me 1 polition we have right now who loves this country enough,to do the politically incorrect thing and challange this issue.ill give ya 2 whos come close,palin,and backmann,only to politions with anyballs at they were skirts,good god america,stop hideing behind the political machine,get up off those tushes,and take back this country.dont leave it up to a few,unite,as 1 it will get done.ok BE PROUD AMERICANS AGAIN.

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